like they had in France

A miracle! It was a miracle!

Aw, don't be ignorant, Delmar. I
told you they was gonna flood this

That ain't it!

We prayed to God and he pitied us!

It just never fails; once again you
two hayseeds are showin' how much
you want for innalect. There's a
perfectly scientific explanation for
what just happened -

That ain't the tune you were singin'
back there at the gallows!

Well any human being will cast about
in a moment of stress. No, the fact
is, they're flooding this valley so
they can hydro-electric up the whole
durned state...

Everett waxes smug:

Yessir, the South is gonna change.
Everything's gonna be put on
electricity and run on a payin' basis.
Out with the old spiritual mumbo-
jumbo, the superstitions and the
backward ways. We're gonna see a
brave new world where they run
everyone a wire and hook us all up
to a grid. Yessir, a veritable age
of reason - like the one they had in
France - and not a moment too soon...

Yes, sir, they're gonna wifi up my whole office!
They're gonna run everyone a wire - no, wait - they're gonna take away our wires and unhook us all from the grid. And we're gonna Twitter and write blogs and post photos on flickr...we're gonna see a brave new world, a veritable age of reason.
And I've only been there seven months.

I'm still loving my job - I'm just deciding on my business cards, the company is about to celebrate a landmark anniversary, we have a bestseller (an amazing thing these days) and I make fewer mistakes every week.

Last weekend I volunteered to work a trade show and spent Saturday attempting to be helpful to staff members who were working their butts off. I pitched in where I could, was there for some significant events and fell into the groove - I felt, for one of the first times, like one of the gang. We were there, among our peers in the industry and I realized that I'm really proud of the work we do and excited to be with the group I'm with. It was pretty terrific.

Back at the office, this morning, I spent a while on the phone with a consultant who is going to help bring the company up to speed in internet world and then met with the new IT guy - who's bringing the wifi...and not a moment too soon.


smalltownme said…
Lucky you...I've been dealing with a dead computer in the classroom I aide in. I've got it going 2-3 times...but it seems terminal now. It's the third computer this year.
Paula said…
Feeling like one of the gang, hitting the mark, throwing a strike.

Good stuff.

got one.
Annagrace said…
Good for you--glad to hear good things!
Caterina said…
This made me smile....and feel so happy for you :)Being one of the gang and loving your job. I've learned this really is important in life.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I wish I knew what Company A did! So intrigued.

Good for you, bb. BB and the Gang.

(George Clooney in OBWAThou? That's when he stopped being just Dr. Ross to me and started being an amazing actor.)

* said…
So happy you are feeling fulfilled and finding your niche in the culture of your workplace.

You are a thoroughly metropolitan woman, with a thoroughly fabulous blog.

Yay, you!

Amy A. said…
You are Bona-fide! She's a suitor.
alice c said…
So...two years ago you were folding plastic bags; one year ago you were writing your resume and today you are designing your business card. I am proud to know you.
Ree said…
You are the queen!
Eleanor said…
An office without wifi??! I didn't think there was such a thing these days...especially not in Tuvalu. Thank goodness for the little blackbird who swoops in to the rescue.

P.S. I'm really enjoying these little windows into your office world.

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