in which I justify my purchases/sounds like *port knack*

It was sample sale time again today.
I set out with only my wallet, EVEN THOUGH I WAS NOT GOING TO PURCHASE ANYTHING, and went through the secret back door to the sample sale downstairs from my office.
What should I have brought? My cell phone for one - I don't like to buy things without discussing them with my partner (though there was that cheap dress last week which is GOING BACK TOMORROW) and a wheelbarrow - yes, or a moving van, because I bought a lot of stuff.
It was not my intent to buy a lot of stuff - I PROMISE.
The thing is: that bag that I put my makeup and toothpaste and stuff in when I travel? is about 25 years old and has some stains on it (yes, I've washed it) and the vinyl lining is torn. So, it stands to reason that I could replace it cheaply (I don't like when people say "for cheap") at this sale.
And I did, indeed, replace it. Twenty bucks, which, now that I've done it, I think was too expensive - but you know the deal at sample sales: NO RETURNS.
Anyway, I browsed around for about 20 minutes, completely lost in a sea of Japanese tourists and totally overwhelmed by the variety of merchandise, and the patterns and the colors and the prices, and THE GIANT PILES OF BAGS.
I had figured the one bag would be it BUT THEN I found myself in an area with only tan, green and black bags. I'm sure, knowing how I dress, you can imagine that I thought I had died and gone to heaven. No crazy blue checks, zero orange stripes...this section was made for me.
It was, it turns out, the men's line. Surprise!
They had great stuff!
I grabbed a large black messenger bag, with only a teeny bit of velcro (I hate the velcro) and was delighted to note that it was marked down to $25 - from a retail price of $138.
I wished I had my phone as I was going to call and ask Middle if he'd carry it while he decides which super-technical bag he wants to buy for his laptop and camera. Since I didn't have my phone, and the sale was only downstairs, I bought it and found out it was reduced AGAIN to $20 and went back to my office - feeling hopeful.
Once there, I called K to tell him about the Japanese tourists. And the bag.
K has been having terrible trouble with his messenger bag killing his neck (too heavy, bad strap) and he asked if I'd go get another bag for him.
We talked a little about it and I realized that Oldest has been carrying a holey, grimey, very old messenger bag for a long long time. Don't you think he should have one too?
And what about Youngest? His backpack smells like every lunch I've ever put in it. Wouldn't he look snappy going to "pre-college" at The Art School He's Interested In this summer with a NICE NEW BLACK MESSENGER BAG WITH ONLY A TEENY BIT OF VELCRO ON IT?
Of course he would.
And that's why I bought that tote bag too.


Loretta said…
Port knack....omg, I'm so out of it that I have no idea what the actual line is.

But I LOVE a sale!

you will NOT believe this: the word verification is:

Anonymous said…
Of course you liked the men's area. I can only find appealing glasses frames in the unisec or men's section. The stuff designed for women is so... wimpy.
Jen on the Edge said…
So, five new black messenger bags for the Bird family? Tres chic!
Anonymous said…
"Non, je ne regrette rien"---from another tiny, awesome bird-like creature.

You scored! I bought a *special* messenger bag in the heart and soul of Tuvalu over 20 years ago and still use it several times a year.

And it's always lovely to gift one's family in a thrifty, meaningful way. I hope they are thrilled with their new manly bags.

Poppy Buxom said…
Once people have transferred their belongings into their new bags, you have to line them all up and take a picture!
MsCellania said…
That was like Buy 1 Get 4 FREE!
Anonymous said…
A family that accessorizes together stays together.

I wish I could go to a sample sale with a wheelbarrow too.


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