Who has the coolest summer internship?

A text from Middle, 1:35 pm, yesterday:

- Just wrapped a person's whole body in duct tape.

Who has the coolest full-time job?

It's hard to say. K's company has a roof-top deck with lounge chairs.

Who's going to have the best summer off?

That would be Youngest who is devoting July to Little Big Planet and Cape Cod and August to The Other Incredible Art School In Our Metro Area.

Who is going to win the Healthy Award?

Me! I've been walking from the train station to my office (it's 16 blocks).

Who had lunch with two of the funniest women in the world?

Me again!

Who's lunch tab was picked up by a very kind gentleman with whom I have professional contact?

I guess I gave that one away. How cool is it to have the waitress come to the table and say: ladies, your lunch has been paid for by the gentleman sitting over there.

Who is going to a party to celebrate their niece's graduation this weekend?

They're getting easier, aren't they?

Who craves pita chips and cake icing?

Not Oldest. Oldest likes bodega food.

Who had never, until last Sunday, eaten an egg?

That would be Youngest. I don't know how it happened but it did. He's had eggs IN things but never on their own. Last Sunday, K went out and got us each an egg sandwich for breakfast. That's two fried eggs, bacon and cheese on a roll. Youngest was only slightly impressed.

Who's the cutest guy in the world?

K. Fresh off the scooter in his jeans and sneakers.
Oldest, in his beanie and old school Levis.
Middle in his Slusho tee shirt.
Youngest, wearing black skinny jeans and a white tee shirt.


KPB said…
You and Badger have hit the right notes for me today. ROCK ON!
Anonymous said…
Who has made me envious of their blissful life?
Mary said…
Look at your Australian friends turning up!

Who is glad she read this post right now?

RW said…
Funny that bit about youngest and eggs.

My daughter loves smashed eggs on toast. It is her go to meal when she is making food on her own.
Lucky Bird Family!

I have just embarked on my summer reading list...everything by Jen Lancaster!

What shoes are you wearing to walk 16 blocks?
Anonymous said…
Who lives a charmed life? bb and her boys. I loved this post.

Amy A. said…
Pita chips and icing TOGETHER?

I'm intrigued.

Sounds like you've got cute boys around there!
Badger said…
My boy child has never had an egg! He's just a bit younger than Youngest, though, so there's time for him to catch up.

The girl child, on the other hand, can polish off a dozen a week all on her own.
Anonymous said…
I liked this post. Very much.
Caterina said…
Lucky family. How cool.
Scot said…
Sometimes, I totally love living in Colorado. Today the sky was blue and Pikes Peak was white. Sometimes I hate everybopdy else who lives here. When I use the word BODEGA nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about. Even if I'm standing right OUTSIDE the bodega! Do they make runsas there? http://www.cookscountry.com/recipe.asp?recipeids=4186&bdc=50232
Great bodega food!
Right on Oldest!
Miz S said…
Be careful with all that walking, my small friend. Perhaps eat some pastries to replace calories lost. Damn, I wish someone would give me advice like that.
alice c said…
All my life I have wanted a waitress to tell me that a mysterious stranger has paid for my drink. Or my lunch.

I love this post - it makes me feel so glad to know that life is good in the Bird family. You have earned it, oh yes.
Poppy Buxom said…
You had lunch with Jen and Stacey and you live in Tuvalu?

Shit, I live in Chicago and I don't get to have lunch with them. It must be my breath.

Or maybe the Word Verification is trying to tell me something. Today it's


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