fortunately Saturday

It was sort of a crummy week.
Is Mercury in retrograde?
My boss asked me that yesterday after a day that can really only be described as A SHIT STORM.
Everything was an emergency. Everything was urgent - needed to be dealt with that MINUTE.
The icing on my cake was an email, from someone I have very little to do with, that was insulting to me - and slightly disrespectful. (Yes, yes...I know, Badger and Jen and - I don't know - countless other people would be delighted to come to my office and kick some ass. Thank you.)

There was distressing news at home, I've had little or no time to deal with anything in my house and on my Friday half-day, in the pouring rain, I rushed to my doctor (a check-up which took months to schedule and hours to sit through) and then hurried back home to bring Youngest to his doctor as he is in the midst of his fourth significant asthma attack in six months. This last bit is not good and we will now have to re-evaluate our plan of action and his care. Again. (I am asking you, kindly, to refrain from emailing me regarding this as while I truly appreciate your concerns I am long past being comforted by hearing about what worked for someone you know. Did that come out with a tinge of meanness? Please don't take it that way - I am weary.)

Our weekend has been planned, literally, on Middle's laptop - hour by hour, with a flowchart and call times. Mine starts at six this morning and ends at midnight tomorrow during which time I will have, hopefully, gotten Youngest stabilized, done the laundry and the food shop, gone to a brunch that I really do not have the hours to give to, and ends sitting in my car listening to a band perform at an outdoor venue while Middle is at the concert.
The trick is getting smoothly from here to there - with an Ikea run in the middle (10:00 today).

I did have a wonderful bright spot this week.
Another assistant asked if I'd like to have lunch. M joins the group I eat with from time to time but I hadn't seen her for about a week. She swung by my desk and we LEFT THE BUILDING. Before I knew it, we had settled into a table at a Cuban restaurant. The food was terrific - but the SANGRIA (just one glass) in the middle of an awful day? BRILLIANT.
So, yeah, I'm advocating a COCKTAIL at noon.
We both decided that Thursday is the new Friday.

I have a "notes from the commute" sitting in drafts and some pictures and thoughts on a recent Anthro email all nearly ready to post...but first: the laundry.


Miz S said…
Honey! That ALL SUCKS! Except for the midday sangria. That was sensible.

And I totally hear you on the "no advice" thing. You don't sound mean at all. You sound like you are protecting yourself from having your brain explode.
That One said…
What Miz S said!
Jen on the Edge said…
Hopefully you'll have some time this weekend to just breathe. Hang in there.
Anonymous said…
Oh crap. This REALLY sucks!
I'll advise you to do what I'm doing today...Don't Forget To Breathe.

My place of work is also a shit show right now. I came home last night and sat on my bed and cried.

You are an amazing Mom.
robiewankenobie said…
i don't know how fortunate saturday really is with that schedule. sheesh. well, at least the NIN concert will be calming. *cough*

all my best to youngest! i hope he kicks his asthma's ever loving ass.
Badger said…
DUDE. You will be happy to know I have no advice re: Youngest. Just sympathy, and good thoughts, and psychic vibes that tell me he WILL come through this and will be okay.

The ass-kicking goes without saying.

And holy crap, how have I NOT made sangria yet this year?! I have a bottle of red and a fridge full of citrus just SITTING THERE. OMG. Off to remedy that. (At 10 in the morning. It's the weekend; they do this in Spain all the time, I'm sure.)
Nat said…
I'm trying to bring back the liquid lunch! I think many many people would support my cause.
MsCellania said…
Aw; sending HUGS and no words.
Ree said…
Have you ever tried Mexican sangria? Well, according to Rick Bayless (or at least the waiter at Frontera Grill), you put lime juice/grenadine in the bottom of the glass and then float red wine on top of it.

Or something.

Maybe that's why I can't remember what was in it.

Thinking of you bb. _hugs_
Anonymous said…
A cocktail at noon is just the ticket some days.

MizMell said…
Yes, midday cocktails are fine (sometimes necessary) in the corporate world.

Hope your weekend is better. Put your feet up. Have a glass of wine.
Pretty Things said…
Oh man! I will be thinking of you and hoping all is well. These craptastic things must be going around because almost everyone I know has had some sort of horrid storm over them this past week.

Just know you're important.
Unknown said…
Hang in there and know you are surrounded by scads of loving, caring interweb friends. And this, too, shall pass.

(And I'm pretty sure Mercury is finally OUT of retrograde. It was retrograde for most of May, and hence my miserable May.)
Mary said…
Thinking of you ...

haus said…
Mercury in retrograde... yes, that would explain a lot in my life, too.

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