bullet friday, as per Badger

  • Not only did I walk to the office but I walked home from the station.
  • I bought pizza instead of cooking the sausage I defrosted two days ago.
  • I've never knitted a sock.
  • I ate two and three-quarters slices of pizza.
  • And I'm feeling kind of full.
  • Youngest finished school today.
  • The sun came out for a little while, but it's still only 50-something when we leave the house. This makes for chilly scooter rides.
  • While discussing pro-accounts this evening, Middle made a joke and said that a Twitter pro account lets you type 170 characters.
  • There is no Twitter pro account.
  • I wore a hat at work yesterday. It didn't go well - I only meant it as an accessory.
  • The music from Little Big Planet is an earworm, but it's cute.
  • We're going to a graduation party tomorrow.
  • It's supposed to rain. Again.


RW said…
I am intrigued by the hat.
Enjoy your party. I hope it doesn't rain.
Mary said…
Every time you mention the scooter it makes me smile.

And even want one!
tut-tut said…
It's 90 plus here, but only during the day. A hat would be welcome.
The Coffee Lady said…
I would beat you in a pizza-eating contest, no problem.
Anonymous said…
Earworm. Cute. Agreed.

alice c said…
Bloglines missed this post. I think that I am going to complain because I needed to know about the pizza slices.
Pretty Things said…
This is a really cool (and interesting!) post concept, but I'm totally clueless about who Badger is.

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