what's up in Tuvalu

I've spent the week
posting without saying much, haven't I?
Here's what we've been up to:

Oldest - uh...I don't know, actually. Haven't seen him much. He mentioned that he lost his keys and all his sentimental key fob thingys last weekend on a friend's boat (I know!) and is hanging out this weekend at a friend's house east of here.

Middle -

did a shoot at my office! Thats him checking the lighting. Everyone was smitten - and how could they not be? One co-worker actually thought that he was a professional photographer. Or he was kissing up to me, but he's more important than I am so I sort of don't think so. Anyway, that would be Middle in the photo. In Conference Room B. On the table. Checking the lighting.

Youngest - uh, well...Youngest is about to wrap up his freshman year. He's got some serious final exams ahead of him in the next couple of weeks but he is, by far, our best student so he's the only person concerned about it. Happy to be splitting his time between video games and parkour so I'm figuring it's a nice mix.

K has been either very very busy at work or spending time getting the lay of the land. At home he's been working in the yard, scooting around town and doing some barbecuing. K doesn't like to spend weekends sitting around, so he keeps busy.

And me? I brought my mom for her second cataract surgery this week - she now has two bright blue sparkly eyes and rewarded me with the best liverwurst sandwich ON THE PLANET. I had a small skirmish with a new internet shoe company (all went right in the end) and I'm headed in to town this morning for a work event.
In the past week I've had a chance to speak to Poppy and Susie and I am getting very excited about the month of July.

Right now, I'm sipping coffee in my bed next to K who has to create a promotional reel for his company this weekend.

So that, my friends, should have you up to speed on each of us.
I'm off to write my post for Beauty Hacks. (Carcinogen-free nail polish? You KNOW you want to know...it goes live on Tuesday.)


Jen on the Edge said…
Your young men are always up to the most interesting things.
Things must be getting in gear for Graduation at your house.

I know you said Oldest is more like Cape Cod Kid, but that pic of Middle is so like CCK....the posture, clothes, hands in the pockets.

I'm off to spend the morning at the Farmer's Market with Sorority Girl and looking for some simple, black cotton dresses for me to wear to work.

Enjoy your weekend
Miz S said…
Blogging from bed. How delightful.

Have a lovely weekend, little blackbird.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I empathize with Oldest. Countless octopusses are wearing lovely t-shirts, sunglasses, flip flops, beach towels, tote bags and especially lots of keychains and watches and jewelleries around here.
Mary said…
I am having a lazy Sunday morning reading blog posts in bed.

Synchronicity! If that is how that word is spelt.

Which the red dots are telling me it isn't!
Anonymous said…
I love that in a family every one has their own stuff going on. That's how it should be.
KPB said…
Huh, when I first read that I thought you said K was spending time getting laid.

And I was all, wow, Blackbird is really letting it all hang out in this post.
Eleanor said…
God Kim's comments crack me up.
RW said…
We are winding down the school year - my son has a good handle on things - my daughter is pretty much a basket case.
Pretty Things said…
Seriously, no one wants to mess up my shoe shopping!
Allison said…
Great update--your middle is growing up so quickly! Love the posture, too. I miss sipping my morning coffee in bed--I'll relish that again once my little ones are a little older, LOL.
Poppy Buxom said…
We're looking forward to seeing you, too, missy!!!11!!!!
Anonymous said…
Glad your mom's eyeballs are okay. My mother lost one of her eyes due to a cataract and now has to wear a shell in place of her own goods. Part of me wishes she could carry off a patch, but it's not really her style. Aarrrr.

Have a good June! Only 30 days til your good times in July roll around.

Caterina said…
kim at allconsuming's comment made me spit out my coffee, hahaha :)

I would give anything to learn from Middle. It's no wonder he was mistaken for a professional....he seems to be a natural with god given talent.

And YUM YUM YUM about "the best liverwurst sandwich ON THE PLANET." I was thinking about liverwurst last night.

Well wishes to your Mom.
littlemissme said…
Was it the Marais people? I was wanting to buy some things on there, but don't know anything about them besides that I covet several shoe styles.

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