I missed last week - and everyone was great about filling me in on the action.

Tyson has been sent to the jury.
Coach is sporting some fine headgear and earrings. Is it earrings?

Apparently, Sierra thought she was going home. JT explains it, and thank heavens Stephen explains it for us IN ENGLISH. Are you amazed that Debbie is still there? I am. We are.
For some reason, there are no hard feelings between Coach and JT, which is just dandy, I suppose.

It's day 28. Deb is "recoiling" to figure out where she stands. She complains to Coach about the blindside. She's "working her people." She wants Sierra, Erinn and Coach to band with her for an alliance.
But there's a challenge. I think that's a JCrew blouse that Erinn has been wearing - anyone have any info on that? (I saw a great JCrew fan blog last week but have lost track of it.)
It's a question/chopping challenge for a feast and party with a local family.
Who hasn't lived up to their potential? Coach.
Who would squander a million dollars the quickest? Sierra.
(Sierra is out of the challenge.)
Who would never survive on their own? Debbie.
(Coach is out of the challenge.)
(Debbie is out of the challenge.)
Who would you trust with your life? JT.
(Erinn is out.)
(JT is out.)
Who is most likely to stab you in the back? Sierra.
Who would you least like to see win this game? Sierra
(Taj is out)
Stephen wins.
He chooses Erinn to go to Exile (which is NOT AN ISLAND) and Taj to go with him for the reward. With JT.

The reward feast looks good, but a little girl falls and Taj snuggles her...and gets very emotional. She misses her son terribly. After the meal they walk to a stream with bubbling sand.
Some plotting is planned while they bathe.

At Exile Erinn finds a new clue for the same idol and knows someone has it. She doesn't make fire, has no food and sleeps in the rain. It's a tough stay for her.

At camp Sierra, Deb and Coach talk about what to do next. Sierra is mad that people voted for her. She challenges Deb to say who she's allied with. They argue and Debbie leaves. Sierra isn't interested in teaming up with them. Coach isn't sure who he trusts.

Coach has a private meeting with JT. Coach suggests that Sierra, then Erinn and then Taj should go. He feels Sierra plays without honor and trusts JT.
Meanwhile, Sierra appeals to Stephen. He worries that they will have to betray Debbie and Coach. Sierra doesn't want to play any more games.
Stephen goes to speak with JT and Coach.
I'm getting confused.
I think Coach lies to Stephen. Is he lying to Stephen?
Stephen is suspicious.
JT says there's a lotta paranoooyyyyya settin innnnnn.
Stephen and JT talk.

Thankfully, there's another challenge - for immunity.
Erinn returns to hugs and a sweater.
It's raining again, Debbie gives up immunity.
They must toss a hook, retrieve bags and then navigate a ball through a table maze.
It's hard work, this tossing of hooks but Coach and JT move on to the next round with Debbie.
(I think there's fake lightening.)
The ball rolling part is even harder!
JT and Coach are neck and neck.
JT does better!
But Coach WINS.
30 days!

Coach feels the meditation, prayer and focusing techniques he has used have helped him win. He is confidant.
Sierra tells JT that the others wanted to band against him. She calls Coach on the carpet for lying.
Coach wants it all out there...there's a confrontation - who's lying?
Debbie is crying - she "doesn't even remember" what she said to Sierra.
Sierra seems to be telling the truth, and I'm not the only person who thinks so.
Stephen thinks Debbie needs to go.
But Sierra is making a lot of drama in camp...he thinks she might have to go.

At Tribal: Brendan and Tyson are on the jury.
Debbie isn't enjoying the pressure.
Sierra tells her story.
Coach defends himself but contends that Sierra is, basically, crazy - though he WAS going to apologize to her.
Taj is completely entertained by the infighting in the game.
JT figures eit;ng;oeh and toheiho and toiehttigh figurrre it owt.
Whew. Time to vote.
Will annoying Debbie, crazy Sierra or wack-o Coach go?
It's Sierra.
And, now that I think on it, they wanted her out from day one.

It's been a challenging week, professionally, at our house as K's longtime mentor was dismissed. This has been a real blow to K who is thankful for his job at this time but will sorely miss this man who has been a part of his career for nearly two decades.
Rumors and fear swirl at my office as people worry about how hard economic times will effect our business.
We're looking forward to the weekend....


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