Survivor, THE FINALE

Full of cake.
Sitting between mine mother and brother (a special guest star!).

We can tell from the opening credits that it's going to be a long episode.
Monkeys leaping!
People with weight to lose.
The real game was "back in camp."
Coach vs. Brendan.
Erinn as an outsider.
Timbira did well - but Jalapao did well too.
The metaphors begin.
Each player has their story - but WHO WILL BE THE SOLE SURVIVOR?

Night 36. The team return to camp. JT explains things. What? Stephen has lapsed into a dialect I can't understand. He's loyal to JT but to himself too.

K is morally opposed to the intervention shopping commercial. Okay?

Back to the finale: nope - it's a NCIS commercial!

Okay - for four. Taj, JT, Stephen and Erinn. Finally, there are subtitles for some of what JT says.
Taj and Stephen have a chat.
JT and Erinn pick up the mail.
Erinn is the last Timbira. My brother doesn't even KNOW who she is.
It's a spider challenge.
Erinn knows she needs to win.

Oooh, it's a big spider. Web-thing. With a net. Race through a tarantula shaped obstacle course for puzzle pieces and then solve the puzzle. Our brother is hoping real tarantulas are involved...but, no.
JT is ahead.
But he and Taj meet in a net tunnel...the music builds.
JT starts working on the puzzle.
They all start working on their puzzles.
Stephen: good with numbers, good with puzzles?
Erinn is doing well.
Taj is falling behind.
Erinn is ahead with JT.
JT wins!
Someone is going home!
Erinn was so close, and so could be sent home.

As they return to camp it seems obvious to ME that Erinn will go home leaving Taj, Stephen and JT as the final three, but Taj seems confident.
Erinn wants to plead her case but isn't sure what to say.
She talks about what a good player Taj is - Taj, she says, could easily win the game with the jury. Everyone likes Taj.
JT and Stephen chat after Erinn leaves.
They seem tight - but Stephen considers what to do - does he betray Taj? Would he lose against Taj?
The boys go to talk with Taj, but we get no real insight as to how they will vote.

At Tribal Coach doesn't look much better.
Jeff wants to talk about tribes and how this happened.
Erinn knows she is vulnerable but Jeff wants to talk about how the jury will be favorable to Erinn as they were her former tribemates.
Stephen says his vote will be based on how he does in the finals.
Taj would be very shocked if she was sent home.
Erinn would be surprised if she stayed.
There's plenty of chit chat but finally they vote.
Taj goes.
Taj tells us that if Erinn makes it to the end, she has her vote!

feeeeeeddrrr. (My brother let me play with his "black nylon tool" and I get some lint out of my keyboard. )

At camp: JT says that they had to get rid of Taj. Erinn says that Taj didn't seem upset. JT is wringing his brow as "Erinn is the most annoying person in the world."
She certainly won't shut up.

On the morning of day 38 Erinn says that she will take Stephen to the end. She feels like she's in a good spot - and confides in Stephen. Stephen thinks he'll have a better chance of winning if he takes Erinn to the final two. JT checks in with Stephen to make sure they are still allied.

They walk to pick up tree mail which describes how they will take THE WALK OF THE FALLEN COMRADES, which is my cue to zone out for 15 minutes.
After the stirring music and helicopter shots they move to the final immunity challenge.

The final immunity challenge requires concentration and coordination. Keep all of your balls in play with one hand tied behind your back.
Erinn is out first.
Stephen drops a ball and JT wins immunity.
Whoever he chooses will go with him to the final tribal council.

Stephen feels that a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He hasn't had to make a decision about who will go to the final tribal council.
JT is not so comfortable.
Erinn tells JT that the only vote she'll get from the jury is possibly from Taj.
JT asks her if Stephen would have taken her - and Erinn confirms this. (But she's lying, right?)
JT says Erinn would be the logical person to take....
According to Erinn, if JT wants to win a million dollars, he'll send Stephen home.
JT speaks with Stephen.
It seems to everyone that no matter who JT takes to the final two, he'll win.
JT talks about honesty and trust and says that his momma told him not to do anything stupid - he'll take Stephen - and win anyway.

At Tribal Erinn and Stephen explain their positions.
If JT takes Erinn, he'll win - if he takes Stephen it could be tougher.
Who will JT take?

JT has done "the right thing" - Erinn has nothing to be ashamed of (so says I) and two great players go to the end.

On the morning of day 39 JT and Stephen build a fire and talk about being friends for life. They've been planning this day since day two. Or three.
They prepare a wonderful breakfast and have champagne and discuss first impressions.
They don't burn the camp!
They walk to tribal council - leaving in the afternoon and arriving in the dark.

They each make their case - mom says JT was more convincing. Also, she would reward him for his loyalty.
The jury address the players.
It's rough going as we hear that Stephen might have taken Erinn to the final two and we hear how hurt Taj is.
JT and Stephen argue - who is slandering who?
JT feels like a fool...the jury looks a little stunned.

Time to vote...Jeff walks out of Tribal with the urn and into the Letterman theater.
Everyone is all cleaned up and happy looking.
The votes:

Thanks for reading!
I'm off to bed to watch the reunion.


Anonymous said…
What TYPE of cake? Can't mention a cake and not detail it.
Anonymous said…
Yay! JT! What a happy ending that was. He really won it fair and square, and didn't sell out at the end by not keeping his word to Stephen, which was so heartwarming. And I love how he said he was really only acting upset by what Stephen had to say in order to help his cause along during the jury discussion. And I was glad to see that they are still having their cute little bromance, and didn't have to break up over all the drama at the end.

Amy A. said…
I fell asleep during the memory walk, too. BOOOORING...

Yay, JT. But didn't Stephen look handsome at the reunion show? Still glad he didn't win.

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