notes from the Friday afternoon commute

My office closes early on Friday afternoons in the summer.
It's an old-school policy designed, I'm sure, to allow employees to beat the traffic to their summer homes. My summer and winter home are one-in-the-same so I ran some errands and headed to the train at 2:00.
And what did I see at the station at that hour?





(An awful lot of Vera Bradley, don't you think?)


blue bag

The lady in blue had sterling silver hair.

<span class=

This little fellow was going to a baseball game with his grandmother.

<span class=

This tiny girl needed a map.

This man


did not appear nearly as sinister in real life.

<span class=

This woman was stunningly beautiful.


There were some backpackers around too.

So - there we all were. Waiting.

<span class=

Hundreds of people, with more streaming in at every glance, waiting.

<span class=

Everyone stands near the big board and watches for the sign to change - for the track to be assigned...

<span class=

(meanwhile, some of us take furtive photos of glorious taffeta skirts)

and then, all at once,


the trains are announced and the giant crowd moves in groups to the exits - to the platforms to board the trains.


It's a blur of rushed movement, and the weekend has nearly started.


Jen on the Edge said…
And here I thought that Vera Bradley was more of a Southern thing. Clearly, I misjudged the appeal.
As soon as I saw the 3rd picture I said to myself, "that's a lot of Vera" (my Sorority Girl has more Vera than a woman needs in a lifetime).

At first I thought the tiny girl had a Vera backpack.

I love train stations. So far, Florida doesn't believe in Mass Transit.
RW said…
That is so incredibly awesome you get to leave at 2pm on Fridays in the summertime.
That One said…
I used to work at a place that closed early on Fridays in the summer. It was fantastic. Those precious free hours on a Friday afternoon were wonderful for getting errands done so I could start my weekend promptly at 5 p.m.
smalltownme said…
I like the Vera. I haven't seen much of it here, but the colors appeal to me.

Hooray for early Fridays!
* said…
My summer home and winter home are one in the same, too.

One time, I caught myself thinking wistfully about seasonal homes, but then realized there would be mountains of laundry involved in two locations and decided that I am happy, and thankful with my all season address and my singular mountain of laundry.

Badger said…
How I know I am neither a city person nor a traveler: this entire post gave me an anxiety attack.
Anonymous said…
Off work on Fridays at 2 sound good to me too. Thanks for sneaking the shots for us.

The Coffee Lady said…
Um. Who is Vera Bradley?
KPB said…
The most fascinating part of this for me? The notion that everyone congregates in one place and then disperses when the boards change. Here you always go to the same platform and wait. And wait some more.
Loretta said…
My first thought: Where'd she get that taffeta skirt??
Mary said…
Is sinister man Hercule Poirot?

Or Inspector Clouseau?

Love the 2.00pm leave pass.

Adore the sneaky photos!
Anonymous said…
Holy Vera, Blackbird!
I luff that black and white skirt--and the shoes!
Caterina said…
Hahaha....Badger made me laugh OUT LOUD :)

I'm not a fan of the Vera Bradley. Too much design and color for me. I guess I'm just boring :P

I love the energy of this post. The weekend BEGINS, wooosh, yay!
Anonymous said…
Wow! You don't know how much I appreciate a glimpse (and a perceptive one) of big-city life! Thanks for sharing. MNR_T
islaygirl said…
vera is my guilty pleasure. i have a tote i bought 15 years ago for picnics, and it's still one of my favorite bags. you would never know it's that old.

and she has some really cute hardshell laptop bags right now. not that i've been looking.
Ann Martin said…
Ooh, I have that taffeta skirt too! Beautiful fabric, but pity... it makes my hips look wider than a barn door. I'm beginning to think Vera has run the course, but sure give her credit for a super-strong second wind.
Paula said…
I have to say I'm with Badger on this one...
Pretty Things said…
No Vera Bradley here!

My husband takes off early on Friday to beat the bridge/beach traffic, but he has to get up early to get the extra hours in to do so.
haus said…
I must be a snob... I used to love Vera a lot more before everyone else loved her.

Now I look for bags on Etsy.

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