notes from the commute

Who did we see this morning?
Well, I'll tell you - it was a busy, busy commute!
Much to see, much to tell.
As soon as we hit the city, me and K, K and me, we saw:

An adorable couple in brightly colored clothing and white hats! The white hats were a tip-off that they were tourists - well, that and the fact that they kept checking a map. She was tiny and wore a track suit and had a souvenir tote bag. He was nearly as tiny and wore lime green pants, those funny sandal/sneaker shoes, a white ball cap (with a pony tail pulled through the back), several beaded bracelets and a Members Only jacket. They were not young and held hands while they waited for the train.

I didn't have long to stare at them as a Philip Seymour Hoffman look-alike walked past us. I looked up at K and mouthed, just as he was saying: look! it's Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Just then, a twin Tilda Swinton, sauntered nearby. Morning, Tilda, we said together.

As the train arrived, Helen Mirren, who was standing next to me, asked if it was going downtown. Helen was busy checking a map too.
Clearly, it was visitor's day.

We boarded the downtown train, stepped to the rear of the car and glanced around at our fellow commuters.
To my left: one of the guys from Flight Of The Conchords. I gestured subtly to K, indicating his excellent sideburnage.
On my right: a woman of a certain age - spectacles on the end of her nose, hair pulled into a tight bun, with a particularly disdainful expression on her face as she read a romance novel.

It was nearly too much for me to take in all at once.
Fortunately, I had some paper in my bag and was able to jot some quick notes.

Now I just need to remember to bring the "paper" back to my office as it was a doctor's bill that was sent to the wrong insurance company.
I'll need to make some phone calls tomorrow.


Scot said…
Maybe the particularly disdainful expression was a result of the bun being tighter than you thought!
Lime green (and one assumes polyester) pants - oh my.
What train did you take, the Twlight Zone Express?
RW said…
Jane said…
Was it the Maorian (sp?) Flight of the Conchords-ian? *heart flutter*

Can't you wear a headcam-disguised-as-toque? We (your minion pwn readers) need visuals.

wv: no ffisti (don't hurt me!)
Anonymous said…
I saw a chipmunk, two squirrels, and a stellar jay in my backyard this morning. I need to get out more.

Sending off an application for a summer film school for my Oldest, who's younger than your Youngest.

I had surgery in my inner ear on Friday. I'd been fretting about it for two months, and it went perfectly.

(just call me Chatty today)

wv: colkab, as in THESE drugs are way better than those in the colkab
Anonymous said…
Oh, to have a shot of that couple...
Badger said…
That's, like, almost all of my girl crushes. All in one commute.
Julia said…
Was it the bearded Flight of the Conchorde fellow or the gap toothed guy?

And is there a film festival in town?

What a morning!
kate said…
i live very far away...ontario, canada...but...oh how i would love to take the morning train with!...people are oh so wonderful, aren't they?
blackbird said…
Special bb note: none of these people were the ACTUAL people...they just looked like them.
The gapped-tooth guy.
Anonymous said…
Your commute sounds wonderful. Yesterday a young guy in a car tailgated me and flipped me off at his exit. I prefer your route.
Anonymous said…
What a fun morning. I missed my regular bus this a.m. and I too had lots of new faces to take in today. Three women with gorgeous hair got on at the same stop along with one semi-elderly woman who rocked cropped dyed black hair and killer black boots. She was too cool for the bus.

Anonymous said…
On my commute this morning I saw the dog and a pile of dirty dishes. (My commute was between the bedroom and my home office.) But it would have been really weird to see Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tilda Swenson in my dining room.
Pretty Things said…
That's just brilliant! "Hello Tilda" LOL, that's awesome.

(And I so love Helen Mirren.)
Mary said…
Somehow the train between the Blue Mountains and Sydney is not possessed of the same uber cool commuters!

Thank goodness your train rides make up for that..

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