my hair, a continuing saga

I haven't written about my hair in a while. Lucky you.
The truth of it is: I've been pretty pleased with my hair for about two years. It's been easy to take care of, I've had other things on my mind, and I was comfortable with the way it looked.
But time marches onward and I have become disillusioned with my hair. I look a little harsher than I wish to look and my short, cropped hair is beginning to draw attention to my older, harder-looking face.
So, yeah...looking like this:


only without the Botox.


Have decided I'd like to shoot for this:

verawang glasses

but am terribly concerned that I may lapse into this:


when I'd love to have the guts to look like this:


I'm afraid it would be terribly butch on me.
Plus, I'd be divorced as K would pack his bags and leave. No. Wait. He'd throw me out.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked like this:


and this:


while striving to look like this:


So, this:

verawang glasses

not this:


Got it?


Badger said…
Dude. I am STILL growing out my man hair. It is KILLING me. It's now long enough to get in my face, but too short to pull back. Gah.

So I feel your pain. And I think your goal 'do is super cute.
KPB said…
All I've ever wanted for my hair is for it to be like Meg Ryan's. Then my spunky hairdresser said no-one can have hair like that without a stylist on hand and a LOT of product.

RW said…
I went through the wanting meg ryan hair stage too. It never worked.
Jen on the Edge said…
I don't even get to choose what my hair style is -- my stylist does. Luckily, he's almost always right.
Allison said…
Nobody nobody nobody has a better head of hair than Mis Meg. Can you tell how jealous that makes me! Keep us posted on your growing out progress!
smalltownme said…
I toy with the idea of cutting mine short...but I am too afraid.
When my hair is short I look like Patty Pumpkinhead.

You need to print out these pictures and take them to the hairdresser. Take the one of Mrs Brady and with a black Sharpie, make that circle-with-a-slash international sign on her.
I am nearly certain that there is no way to achieve perfect Meg Ryan hair. She is a GoddESS. Also, a hairdresser once told me that the hair in the back grows faster because there are more blood vessels down there. Which may be a load of crap but somehow short do's end up like mullets as they grow out.

My solution? Shorter in the back than the front. Grows out relatively painlessly.

Good luck mama!
MsCellania said…
I dream of a Jetson's Day, when you can get up, put your head in a machine and come out with Meg Ryan hair. Every Single Day.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I too tried to have the You've Got Mail haircut, and it didn't work on me at all.

Your pictures of how your hair has looked are seriously funny. And yes, aim far way from a Carol Brady mullett.

This blogger showed pictures of her cute haircut...Sew Liberated. Very Amelie.

Anonymous said…
Meg Ryan's hair only works because of the highlights (I know that from trying it the hard way.) I also presume that Sinead O'Connor's look WILL not go well for you as it didn't for me either--I spent 3 painful months being mistaken for a boy when I was 12. And the mullett is always a particular fear for me, too. Which is why the gal who cuts my hair repeats after me: "long in front, shorter in back" every time I see her.
eurolush said…
Got it.
Ree said…
Do you have those cute little shell-like ears?

Good luck. All of my hair comes pre-styled. I think maybe I'll look for something different soon myself.
Jen said…
I totally get it. And I'm willing to bet my life that not all those gorgeous, piece-y chunks of hair are actually sprouting out of Meg Ryan's head.
Amy A. said…
I like your hair aspirations.

Don't feel bad about not being able to attain the Meg look. I've never seen anyone do it like she does.

And I'm glad you are 'just saying no' to the Carol Brady. It didn't even look good on her.
The Coffee Lady said…
Please promise me you don't have to wear the glasses.
Joan said…
Kim et. al. are right - Meg hair is impossible in the real world. The closest you can get requires a cocktail of fifty-seven products, all made from (to quote Phoebe Buffet) "from the seed of a righteous man". (That's my theory on why the shit is so expensive, anyway.) And even then, with the products in just the right proportion, it only looks somewhat Meg-like for three days. Sigh.

I like the "goal 'do", but having had something similar in the past, be prepared for very frequent trims, or you will quickly venture into Bradyville. Like, in three weeks.
Emily said…
LOL all the way.

I like the goal as well -- as long as you don't let the back grow too long, you won't venture into mullet territory.
Stephanie said…
BUDDY! Man, I loved Kristy McNichol.

oh, and got it.
alice c said…
I am reading this first thing in the morning and I am feeling the jinx. Today is going to be a bad hair day.
MizMell said…
Good luck with your hair. I think we all go through that process of imagining something, but ending up with something else.

Let me know when you decide to shave your head--I've always wanted to do that, but I'm too much of a chicken to START the craze.
Ali said…
I have done the Skinhead O'connor look. It was a big error.

And I am prone to take pictures of myself into the hairdressers to explain how I do NOT want to look. One day I will find a style I am happy with. One day.
Duyvken said…
Did the meme!

Blackbird - Love your style and love your prose - the photo progression was too funny. I just discovered KMS Hair Play Dry Wax - it's the best for short hair - check it out when you get your new 'do'
Duyvken said…
And I always love Jaime Lee Curtis's hair.

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