Mother's Day

You probably won't be surprised to hear that I don't care much for Mother's Day.
I don't have a problem celebrating my mom or K's mom - I like finding the perfect cards for them. I've worked hard to make sure the boys understand and appreciate all the things they do for us, I enjoy time with each of them...and I only have one aunt and love her dearly....But, I don't know, over the years Mother's Day turned into my children having to pay homage to me with dinners and presents and cards and "don't make plans with your friends for Sunday, it's Mother's Day."
When my kids were in elementary school there was a Mother's Day Fair. Vendors would bring all manner of trinkets in and the kids would purchase gifts for their moms. I have mugs and flashlights and key-chains and somehow it all turned into a flea market of things that merchants decided my kids should buy for me.
Long story long, Mother's Day has ended up feeling sort of silly. I love being their mom. I love my mom. I don't need a day.

all wrapped up

This week, this year, is different.
My dear, sweet cousin had her baby this week.
My dear sweet cousin, whom I remember sososo clearly holding in my arms when I was 13 years old, had a baby girl this week.
On Friday afternoon, K and I trekked uptown, through crowds and heat and noise and obstacles to see her - to see them, hours after the birth. We dragged through traffic and up into a maze of a tomb-like silent hospital, anxious and excited, clutching and protecting flowers eager to see her as fast as possible.
I expected a family reunion. I assumed that my aunt and uncle, the in-law grandparents, a sister or two and the proud dad would be there.
But, after hesitating and then calling, we opened the door and found ourselves alone with my cousin and her tiny perfect new daughter.
I have a million words - and none.
We had the most perfect moments.
We savored and smelled and held this astounding, tiny, new, wonderful little girl.
We stood and sat and stared and talked quietly in that tall, still, dimly lit place for as long as we thought she could stand us. My cousin-in-law returned and we congratulated him and left them to have time alone as a new family.
So now, this Mother's Day, I can only think of this. Of how my dear, sweet cousin is having her first Mother's Day. Of how, one day, her tiny baby F will come home from kindergarten with a crayon drawn card, of all the flowers she'll get, of how proud I am of her, of how very dear she is to me, and I am softened.

me and F half

My boys agreed, at my request, to work the food drive last night. It was their gift to me: four hours of their time, doing something for other people. It pleased me as much as the Lucky Penny key-chain Oldest bought me at the school fair in 1991.

Happy Mother's Day.

8 pink roses


Loretta said…
Sigh. That would be all the Mother's Day I would need. New baby smell and warmth.

Have a lovely day, Mrs. Blackbird!
Miz S said…
You might enjoy this:

I hope your day is lovely.
Now I have tears in my eyes. I had a flashback of my daughter holding her brand new girl cousin when she was 13. She was the first new baby girl in the family in 13 years. Now they are 8 and 21 and they love each other so much.

Thank you for the sweet memories and have a beautiful Sunday.
Priscilla said…
How very very lovely.

I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day!

How wonderful that your boys found something meaningful to give to you. The gift of themselves, to others.
Jen on the Edge said…
I agree on all points about Mother's Day. We don't celebrate it or Father's Day here in our house at all.

But, how wonderful to have a newborn baby on your first Mother's Day!
Anonymous said…
Well, congratulations to the new parents of those adorable sweet pink soft cheeks.
And of course, happy Mother's Day to her, to you and to all the moms. (oops, did you just say you don't like Mother's day?)
Pretty Things said…
You have the best sons -- fun, interesting, and with great hearts. I hope I'm lucky enough to get it right with mine!

I agree about "the Day". My mom was appalled that we weren't doing something "special" today, but every day is pretty nice around here. I got chocolate and a flower -- that was plenty extra for me!

(and oh, babies. I put some baby pics of Zack on the blog, just couldn't resist).
Anonymous said…
I love what I can see of you in that photo. You look like... a friend.

And I love the sunlit roses in the last photo. Happy Mother's Day!
Amy A. said…
What a lovely post. Soft is good.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to all of you who surround that new precious life. Aren't those roses THE perfect shade for the occassion? Well done, you!
NorahS said…
Allison said…
What a sweet baby, and sweet roses, and a lovely sentiment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first three Mother's Days!
Anonymous said…
Very sweetly said.
Anonymous said…
Such a heartwarming post with such beautiful thoughts and photos. I'm glad you had a good day.

Anonymous said…
I'm with you on Mother's Day. Expectations never match reality and everyone is edgy. For years now I spend Mother's Day ALONE and HAPPY. Some years it's movies (I theatre hop). This year it was a massage and then a day of sorting old pictures. Quiet bliss.

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