in which I pretty much decide that I can use my blog in exactly the same way I used Twitter

How many characters was that?


Do you have to count the spaces between the words?

I think it was 67.
Mary said…
Just cannot get into facebook or twitter.

Maybe because I love to talk/write as much as I can!
Caterina said…

But yet I tweet, not often....ok more like never....but I have a Twitter account, just not sure why. Oh such Internet confusion!
Anonymous said…
Hey Mary, I think it's just you, me and Bb not on Facebook or Twitter.

WF WINES hellz yeah
Pretty Things said…
Ha! There are days that I just post pictures because my brain hurts and I have nothing clever or interesting to say.
The Coffee Lady said…
no, no because there are no weird signs or acronyms that I don't understand

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