Props... tools... heavy-duty rubber gloves, on Middle's door.


Always on the stairs, sometimes filled with flowers, Oldest's first rain boots.

Charging somewhere, at any given time...

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Oldest's boots have gotten bigger. Motocross boots. In the kitchen, by the door.


On the other side of the room there are always donuts...



and there's usually half a sheet of paper towel if you need to clean your eyeglasses.


The kitchen radio has no antenna and needs one. The insta-read meat thermometer is working out pretty well.


Wendy said…
I almost snuck those boots into my suitcase. Love them.
cary perk said…
We have the half sheet of paper towel for the same purpose.
Sinda said…
I always like these peeks into your life - thank you for sharing!

We have that same radio in our kitchen, and end up pulling out the cord and wrapping it around the front of the Brita water filter box we store there. Somehow it acts as an antenna and works better that way. I'm totally going to try your method, though!
Anonymous said…
I like the sneak peeks too. It looks like those red boots say bb on the side.

Anonymous said…
I have those boots at my house, too! But they're yellow and tattered, but I'll never throw them away ever.
I want to know if that black phone still works!

And I love your big roll of kitchen string and the big yellow clothespin (PB?)
Pretty Things said…
I LOOOOVE that old black phone. Sometime this year I interviewed a guy on Etsy who takes old phones and refurbishes them and then gets them configured for regular use. One of these days ... but then I remember I ALWAYS mis-dialed the last number and it would torque me off.
Mary said…
I have that cup full of pens..
barbra said…
Dear, dear bb,
I have been reading every day. But I have been so bad about commenting, and for that I do apologize.

Little red wellies? painfully cute.

The Hubby bought a meat thermometer like that. Then he used it out on the grill and the cord fell into the fire. The meat thermometer is no more. It didn't even last long enough for us to use it in the oven! aargh :-)
alice c said…
I have kind of missed the pictures of string recently.

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