I guess it's photo week

The boys and I worked the food drive last weekend. (Actually, Oldest had a date in town with a lovely Australian artist he's been seeing, so he was excused.) And while we worked our butts off we had a wonderful time....

It's an incredibly well organized operation that runs for about five days and distributes food to dozens of food banks and relies on scores of volunteers to off-load and repack hundreds of thousands of items into more manageable bins which are then loaded onto skids. The four of us un-packed and re-packed 15 skids of canned goods and dry goods. We were filthy, sore and exhausted after our three hour shift.


We sat through a short orientation and got assigned to table 14.


Cans get packed in the bins for the bottom of the skids.

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We were taking the cans FROM a five foot by five foot by five foot box at the end of our table, which MEANT: one of us had to get IN the box to get the cans from the bottom of it. We took turns.

We came across some pretty funny stuff:


Cryo-vacced rice!


Some kind of bizarro marinade!


Middle was brilliant and wore work gloves.

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We got one quick break while we waited for a fork-lift to pick up one of our finished pallets and bring us some dry-goods.


Beef! With juices!

white trucks

We were parked by the "white truck" and we were awfully happy to get back into the car and head home.


Anonymous said…
Nice work.

Is that beef juice in the can? Juice of beef? I would think it an acquired taste...

PS the Australian- what very good taste being shown there!
Jen on the Edge said…
Your food bank must be huge. I almost can't fathom the size.
Allison said…
UGH! Why did I have to read this Beef with Juice post before breakfast!!! Too funny. What a great way to support your community!
Anonymous said…
Middle nearly a MAN.
Anonymous said…
I admire you and your sons to committing to this cause.
Caterina said…
Inspirational. I used to volunteer all the time. Miss it. It filled me up :)

Great job!
Anonymous said…
Oooh! Boys changed haircut! Cute!
Very noble job you always do.

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