The Flickr White House photostream and other things I'm presently enamored of

I'm completely captivated by The Official White House Photostream - especially as this photo appears to be President Obama fist-bumping my Uncle B! There are dozens of terrific photos in the stream and I love the shots of movement behind the scenes.

I'm also busy pondering/imagining/contemplating lots of other things....

Middle requires a backpack for his new laptop (Happy Impending Graduation, Middle!) and camera equipment. As you no doubt know, from previous posts, Middle enjoys the hunt. So, will it be this one?


Because, if it IS this one, we have to do something about that label.


Glasses. Have been thinking about glasses. Need to walk down the street and look at some.


I'm totally talking through my hat? Out my hat? How does that go? Anyway - I would absolutely love to ditch our dining room table and get something narrower. I like our table just fine but it's a little wobbly, kind of munged up and is slightly ungainly. I'd get this one, which extends to seat 8 (I think) and open up some space in the room. Of course, I have no business doing this. Hence the hat.

Especially in light of this -

big, easy

Our dear friend W is going to be married here. I think we need to plan a trip to a place we might never have considered visiting. Imagine.

Hey, it's Cinco De Mayo. Pass me a Corona.


Badger said…
Because I'm your friend and I like you, I am totally taking AWAY your vile Corona and handing you a Dos Equis Amber instead. You're welcome.

And I have always heard it as "talking out your/my ASS", but then my people are not known for elegance and refinement.
Anonymous said…
I honeymooned in N'awlins and ate at that restaurant you have pictured 3 times, twice for dinner and once for brunch. Mmmm.

Do you have Dania? Our neighbors have a fantastic expandable dining room table from there that I am currently coveting.

I love your posts.

Anonymous said…
Is that New Orleans? My husband calls it Disneyland for Adults. A wonderful wonderful place. GO!
BabelBabe said…
have been to N'Awlins at least 3 times, love it so much applied to grad school at know, pre-children...would live there in a heartbeat, crime, humidity and all. It's WONDERFUL.

and yeah, I'm with Badger on the XX.
Anonymous said…
D and I had our first vacation in the Big Easy--and ate our way from one end to the other. I luffed it.
Anonymous said…
Lived 5 years in NoLa and just spent 10th Anniversary there. I do prefer it in cooler weather, though! It's not TOO far to Gulf Coast (white sand) beaches, if you have the time to combine the two. Depends when you're going and weather, natch. Yummy yummy food, way cheaper outside the Quarter. Lots of soul. Visit---keep it alive! One of THE towns for Foodies.

Scot said…
For what it's worth, I am totally captivated by that coffee table in the oval office! Look at the original size and skip all the very important people. You gotta figure that table is probably older than any of us, and priceless, yet it looks like somebody let a dog chew on the legs! Do those lion head pulls open a drawer or are they just ornamental? Fascinated by the way the legs attach through the table top. Don't much care for the apple bowl but I like the fact that there are apples to snack on.

Oh, and Badger, Dos Equis Amber, seriously? Try Bohemia or Negra Modelo. Bohemia is made by the same company that makes Dos Equis and Negra Modelo is made by the same company that makes Corona. Why drink a beer that you have to fix - slice of lemon or lime and salt? I'm just saying. And, yes, I was a bartender. That's how I put myself through college.
Anonymous said…
Oh I would LOVE to visit NoLa!
And I happened to be in Tuvalu once for Cinco de Mayo. The fun! I was trying to go for Mexican food that night (I am a FAN of) but who was I kidding! Couldn't go anywhere. And BOY was there a lot of beer that night...we had a burger instead...
Mary said…
This was one of those posts from you that took me across the ocean to your world.

Thank you for that.
Caterina said…
I went to N'Orleans for Mardi Gras many moons ago and while I had an amazing time (of what I remember) I would love to return and really visit/tour that beautiful city :)

Happy belated CINCO!
Ree said…
Wait. How in the holy hell did I miss Cinco de Mayo?


I'm also thinking about graduation presents. The cap and gown came home today. I nearly cried.
dan renzi said…
Isn't it "talking out of my hat?"

And why are you messing with beer? Just skip to the tequila. Don Julio at the very minimum, no salt or lime.

You would like New Orleans. Casually avoid Bourbon Street, and you'll find it is much more interesting. The people are the best.

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