blog awards

Here I was feeling slightly sorry for myself (which doesn't fly long in my house) and not one, but two bloggers give me awards. This is a very nice thing after a long, long week.

First, Ritz gave me the One Lovely Blog award and, let me tell you: Ritz seems to be a lovely blogger herself. I guess that's how she received the award in the first place! (Aren't I clever this morning?)

THEN, my old pal Little Miss Sunshine State (yes, yes, mother of Cape Cod Boy) gave me a Blog Friend award which reads:

This award is given to the writers of blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.

Which is awfully nice, don't you think?
(I don't know about exceedingly charming, but I do try to be nice...except I'm kind of intolerant...and easily aggravated...but HEY, I TRY.)

So, there you are - or, uh, I am.
Thank you both, I'm grateful for your generosity.

Up next?


Eleanor said…
Well...I'm a bit taken aback, having just read that previous post about your supposed lack of encouragement for new bloggers??

Because of your encouragement (accompanied by some genteel bullying from Magpie) I have been having so much fun blogging, and have made so many new friends (virtual and real).

So, thanks bb, and congrats on your well-deserved awards.
RW said…
Gosh yes. I agree with Eleanor. I have been introduced to a whole new community of folk through you.

Revel in your awards! I bet I have more laundry than you.
I'm so glad I chose the right week to give you the award. But then again, I don't believe in coincidence.

I think the fact that you get easily aggravated and blog so nicely about it, is what makes you exceedingly charming!

Up for me this weekend? Working Mother's Day Weekend in the bath and body store. It's bigger than Christmas!
Allison said…
Great awards for a great blog--seriously, and I too have read so many exceedingly charming blogs through reading yours, as well.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on a well-deserved award. You introduced me to new friends, too. Thank you.
eurolush said…
You are exceedingly charming, I'll give you that. With emphasis on the "exceedingly" part. But also a slight English accent on the charming part. Like this...exceedingly chaaaahming.

Oh yes, you are.

Listen up, ladies and gents. I don't know who this person is causing all the drama. But I got one thing to say...

Hush that fussin'.
Karen Dietrich said…
Lovely awards for a lovely blogger! It's funny how the world works, bringing us gifts to brighten our days just when we need it.

I hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow with your boys and men.
Anonymous said…
I do think that's awfully nice, and well deserved, too.

The Coffee Lady said…
I'd like to go one better than Eurolush and say exceedingly charming in my Yorkshire accent

yer exceedinly charmin, luv

(miserable tone goes without saying)
Anonymous said…
The blog world is SUCH a nice place, and you help make it be that way. If I were a blogger, I'd probably give you an award too.


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