we met on the internet

Or maybe I should say through the internet.
I don't even remember how or when I first heard about Wendy - I only knew she seemed to be a miracle worker. As handy with a hammer or some wood stain as she is with a needle and thread, the praises of Wendy were sung to me for a little while before I met her.
An expert thrifter, mom of three amazing kids, wife to a tall gorgeous guy (hmmm - just my type), I knew a lot about her by the time we met.
Somehow (it was probably Susie's work) I ended up as her house-guest and I got to see, first hand, how extraordinary her home and handicrafts and family were.

Anyway...rewind a bit to when I spied a huge book of fabric samples sitting next to the curb outside an upholstery shop near my house. Such a waste, I thought, and, being an expert trash-picker, I grabbed it. I held on to it for a couple of years, but when I met Wendy, I knew she'd eventually be inspired and know what to do with it.
Little did I know...

It arrived yesterday.

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For a while I refused to take it completely out of the tote bag. (FOR A WHILE, I couldn't BELIEVE she made the tote bag, such was its professional quality.)

Eventually, one of the boys convinced me to unfold it.


My description cannot possibly do it justice. I keep running my hands over it.
(I know that's an odd thing to say but her seams are just SO SO SO perfect.)

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The underside is the softest twill you can imagine. The label is gorgeous.

BUT, beach weather is far off, much as we are anxious to go...what to do?
I cannot bear to put it in a closet.


Call me crazy.
It's too beautiful to put away!

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It won't last long -

the boys loved it too much to eat off....

Thank you Wendy, dear.
In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined that I'd end up with such a treasure.

Stay tuned for beach photos.


Jess said…

Could you use it as a wall-hanging during the winter months? That's too pretty to be covered up!
MsCellania said…
This is the stuff of dreams.
To FIND such quality fabric, kicked to the curb?
To receive such a beautiful gift?
I visit her site every day, just to feast my eyes.
Unknown said…
wow how pretty! Do they really throw away those fabric sample books? What a waste!
Anonymous said…
I admire women (or men) who can do such artsy crafts. It's amazing.
I am SO hopeless with that.
And, hello pebbles? I know you!
I "met" Wendy on the internet through you!
As an extreme amateur on the sewing machine, I'm in awe of the gorgeous stuff she does.
She is so creative.
NorahS said…
Wow! That is gorgeous! What a great gift.
Sadie said…
Anonymous said…
What a good friend she is. I'm glad it's on your table for now.

I'd gladly send you some warm weather, but cannot: it's SNOWING here. On 4/1? I guess it's an April Fool's Day trick.

Eleanor said…
Crafty friends are WONDERFUL!

I love everything about this present: the story behind it, the main characters, the making of it, the colours and patterns of it. But the LABEL just KILLS me - that label on its own is worth framing as a work of art!

I think...maybe...first day there's a hint of warm sun, you could use it as a picnic blanket and sit outside with a cup of tea.

Is there a park near where you work? A tiny square of grass? I can just see you holding court there, on your beach blanket!!
Allison said…


Amy A. said…
It is gorgeous. I feel inspired.
JJ said…
just lovely.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful and beachy. That must induce the warmer weather!

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