Waiting for real content?
Me too! (On some level.)

In the meantime, I've been tagged by the incomparable Irene.
With few words and perfect pictures, Irene transforms me...I'm the mother of little boys again, and my husband (our husbands work in the same industry) travels an awful lot. Irene is lucky, though. She lives in Paris. And Irene has the internet to talk to at the end of long days alone with her boys while her husband travels to distant and exotic places and tells her of wonderful restaurants and amazing hotels. Oh, wait - that last part is me. I'm not sure where Irene's husband travels.
ANYWAY, Irene tagged me and while our perspectives are similar, I'm nearly 20 years down the road from her...

5 things I love about being a mom:

They are wonderful to sit and talk with, my boys. I like to hear their plans and think about their dreams and find out what music they are listening to. They each have their own sense of humor too, which I love. Oldest is the most sophomoric, Middle is incredibly dry and Youngest is still honing but likes a good gag.

I love that I thought that the three of them would fall to pieces when I went to work last fall and that each of them has stepped up, taken control and charge of his life and enjoys it. Youngest told me, recently, that he loves that I am out when he gets home.

They are now, each, taller than me. (How's the grammar there? Terrible?) I was standing in the kitchen with them last weekend, and I am not especially tall, and neither are they, but all three of them are taller than me. There we were, standing together, me and my tall boys. Lovely.

Though tall and independent, Youngest still needs some mothering when he is ill. While I don't like him being so sick, it is one of the only opportunities I have to be his mom in ways I am less and less able to - by providing hands-on care. I don't get far. After asking him several times if I could get him a blanket in the hospital the other night, he got very cranky with me and I had to back off. I'd never get away with holding his hand. I love still being able to "mother" just a little.

Each of them turns to me for advice they are not comfortable asking K for. Not because they want to hide things from him but because they want my perspective - usually because I am A GIRL. They don't say a whole lot but have come to me when they are distressed or happy or wondering about GIRLS. Not always. Not every time. But I like it.

Hmm. Turned out there was some content there after all.
It's Survivor night. Mom's bringing chicken soup. Perfect timing.

(special note to Tutta: can I have your email address? )


That One said…
This was a lovely post. I can imagine you and your tall boys, standing in your kitchen. I can imagine Oldest putting you in a head lock to give you a noogie. I can almost hear Middle's slightly sarcastic comment ("Nice, Oldest. You're doing it wrong.")as Youngest quickly comes to your aide. And over there by the sink is K. Capturing it all on film.
That was really sweet.

I think you are one of those people that was MEANT to be a mother. You find joy in the little things about your boys.
Anonymous said…
I think it's an achievement for a mom when her boys (NOT girls which would be just natural you see) go to her instead of their father, and with this I am not trying to diminish the ever so delicate and important position K holds in your wodnerful family. You are GREAT.
Ciao Irene!
Anonymous said…
Oh! As I was snuggling up my kiddo this morning, I was both loving the moment and realizing that it was fleeting. That someday he won't want that sort of mothering. It's heartening to hear that the mothering will still be needed, but just in different ways.

I love your family, and it's because you two are excellent parents.

Caterina said…
This gives me so much hope. Especially on difficult days like today. Thank you. Lovely post.
Badger said…
It is a whole different animal, mothering a boy who is bigger than you. My boy only passed me up a couple of months ago, so I am very new to this whole thing. But so far? I'm kind of loving it.
Irene said…
I sincerely hope that this is going to be my list in a few years from now. xoxo
Anonymous said…
I am awestruck when one of my boys -- 19 and 24 -- asks for my advice. It doesn't happen often, that's why it is so special.

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