Survivor, the very long week edition

It's night 18.
Taj is awfully glad it wasn't her that got sent home. We are too.
Stephen is NOT having FUN.
The Jalapeno team is down to four sad members.
JT tells us SOMETHING.
Who the heck is Debbie?
Seems like we are mid-season.
Where's Erinn? Is she out? Has she lost enough weight to have dropped that second N?

Cascade dish detergent can clean the moon!
(Okay, I'm punchy. I wrenched my neck yesterday and it has left me slightly dizzy.)

The scene opens with dramatic, operatic music while Coach does yoga in the water. Everything has "just clicked" for him and he is centered and ready for action.
THIS is his episode - or is it?
He gives his team neck massages, thereby endearing himself slightly. But only slightly as he's still a major PITA what with the tossing of hair and King And I attitude - if you follow me.

Meanwhile, Joe's leg is looking mighty pus-filled. (Were you eating just then? Sorry.) The camera cuts to a shot of a vulture. Oh, those editors are sly, aren't they? We're pretty sure he needs an IV drip of antibiotics - but what do we know?

It's day 19 and there's Tyra Mail --- sorry, TREE mail.
It's news of a challenge that will "get your head spinning." The reward is a feast, and though a merge seems imminent, JT is not ready for it. He feels it's "like pissing in a fan."
Yep. We're pretty sure he said LIKE PISSING IN A FAN. Or maybe a PAN. I don't know!

Both teams arrive at the feast and, of course, find out that there is a merge. They enjoy their food and receive nice new green buffs.
They will reside at the Timbira camp. (I think that's the black team.) Coach feels very much in control of the game. That's never good, is it?
Sierra wants to talk about votes and, when people hear this, they immediately shut up.
Stephen is wary. I'm pretty sure I say that every week but he always has this look on his face like he's in shock.
After the feast everyone but Joe returns to camp...Jeff wants the medics to look at his infected leg.

At the new camp (the team has named themselves Forza) JT cannot believe the shelter.
Coach does some fly fishing and JT explains that he's a bait fisherman. Or, maybe I just intuitively KNOW that JT is a bait fisherman - not that there's anything WRONG with being a bait's just that there 's big difference, personality-wise. (Am I digging a hole here?)
So, anyway, Coach and JT bond over fishing and just when I think JT isn't so stupid he goes and tells Coach all kinds of stuff - including the fact that Taj has an idol.
Coach tells us that HE never lies.
JT tells us that HE wants to make sure that everyone in camp hates each other.

Dr. Lucy, who has a great accent, decides that there's a bunch of pus in Joe's leg and that it will not heal on it's own and that's it for Joe.

The Exile Alliance is still in effect but I'll be damned if I could tell you all the people in it.
I can't imagine keeping track of all this without notes.
Back at camp, the team debates who should leave. It rains.
Rice and beans and alliances are discussed.
Taj is obsessed with her teeth!
Coach "isn't telling any lies."
This stuff is like a Fellini film. With monkeys.
Sierra? Brendan? Split the vote? Make Brendan use the idol?
Jeff arrives to tell them about Joe and explain that no one else will go home.
Tribal is canceled.

We are DEAD TIRED over here, I'll TELL YOU.
WORKINGWORKINGWORKING and the ER AND the doctor's office AND treatments during the night AND I'm glad we don't have a new baby, cause this waking up in the middle of night business IS A KILLER.
Youngest finally turned the corner today, though - so we are hoping for a full night of sleep.

You know, every Friday night I say to the boys: the rule for tomorrow is that we all sleep very late, and I make my very serious face and say it with a firm voice.
They smirk at me and go off to their rooms.
THEN, at SEVEN IN THE MORNING the damn dog whines for her breakfast, or the garbage men wake me, or my alarm goes off.
So, tonight, I'm turning off the alarm, closing my door so I can't hear the dog and not putting the trash out so they don't stop in front of my house.
Will I sleep late?
Don't hold your breath.



smalltownme said…
I hope the sleeping late works out for you.
Loretta said…
Earplugs and face mask! And gt someone else to feed the dd!

Seriously, hope you catch up on some rest and enjoy the weekend.
Scot said…
Nighty night...
Caterina said…
I'm pretty much convinced I will never EVER get to sleep in late again. Not until I'm like retired or something ;)

But you, you must sleep in.
Adventure Otaku said…
when Jeff says 'We want medical to take a look at you' you might as well pack your bags. No one comes back from that.
Anonymous said…
No you won't. Not now that Youngest is still on the mend, it's a fact.
and I hope this will be the last time, really.
PS I ALWAYS leave the alarm on on eekends adn I get aggravated by my own silliness.
WF LUGGLE, I like some WF adn this one is cute
You need a neck massage.

Now you'll hate me. I planned to sleep until 10AM today, but the cat got lonely and climbed into bed with me at 9:30 for some snuggles and chin scratches.
Badger said…
JT didn't tell Coach that Taj has an idol; he told him that BRENDAN has an idol. He said he didn't know whether Taj did. Which he does.

AND he managed to worm his way into the Coach-Tyson-Debbie-Stephen alliance while remaining in the Taj-Stephen-Brendan-Sierra alliance. Not so dumb!

That being said, get some sleep, geez.
cary perk said…
We had a kid who needed treatments. Luckily, he outgrew his asthma but was hospitalized several times, so I know how you feel! It shows him how much you love him when you get up in the night to make sure he can BREATHE! Seriously, I know there's nowhere you'd rather be - even sleeping!
Still, I hope it's time for you to catch a break and get that extra couple of hours that make such a huge difference. Happy Easter to all!
Anonymous said…
Nice recap, bb. And I agree with Badger. JT: not so dumb!

But you know I am biased. And I know nothing about fishing to have anything against bait fishing. But I have the feeling that if COACH is into fly fishing that there has to be something sort of pompous-assed about it.

ThirdCat said…
I never felt so let down by survivor. No tribal council! Outrageous. Surely they could've worked the logistics out another way.

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