the Spring wardrobe, part two in an apparently continuing series or saga, if you will

My order from J Crew arrived, and, people, the news is not great.
I ordered: a skirt, a pair of "cropped" jeans, "cropped" chinos and "cropped" capris - and I, specifically and against my better judgement, ordered everything in petite so that the "cropped" pants would actually fall slightly above my ankles. Size 4.
The results:
The skirt is fine. Nice even. It's a brownish, cotton-y, pleated-ish, lightweight number that will match everything I own.
The jeans were ridiculous. "Matchstick" I am not. Even thin, I have some curves.
Some brownish cropped pants were really bad - there's a photo below so you can smirk.
The chinos, in white, WERE COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT. I'm not saying another word.
The capris, on sale THANK GOODNESS, are okay. Just really OKAY. But on sale. On sale and I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR TO WORK SO I AM KEEPING THEM.


See? They are fine.

bad pants

I can't explain why, but, as you can see in this truly terrible photo, the cut of these pants is just no good for me. I'm lapsing into the 14 year old boy thing again.

And, layered, the okay pants are almost good.

when my my room get so red

Though my room looks awfully red doesn't it? It's not really.
K pointed out that for $39.95 one should not HAVE to layer to make pants look okay. But in K's mind pants should be $20 so we can't really pay attention to him in this case. I've had plenty of $20 pants and that's exactly what they are worth.

the ass part

He also mentioned something about the rear view of the okay pants. Said something about panty lines or some such. I tried to explain that that is easily remedied but I'm not discussing underwear here, AM I?

Here. I will distract all 27 of you with this excellent example of my photoshopping skills:

<span class=

I had to adjust the hue and saturation on this shot as well as the brightness and contrast AND THEN I wrote on it. Voila. A perfectly bad photo of my laundry.
Oh, also, the top-layer dress is merely resting against me in this picture. I didn't even put it on. TALK ABOUT TALENT. GO AHEAD.

I have today and tomorrow off from work and am taking Youngest into town.
Tonight I am making pasta with wild ramps which my boss brought from his weekend house...and I'm watching Survivor with Mom.

Yesterday Middle and K had a tour of Art School. K had/has many many questions but I think he liked it. They brought me one of those stickers for the back window of my car.
I have a kid (almost) in college!


eurolush said…
I think your laundry is perfectly are your shoes snd tiny legs and capri pants. Need I even mention the VPL? Yes! Charming!
RW said…
I am still amazed you actually shop this way. Does it cost a lot of money to ship it all back. It would be prohibitively expensive in my country to have to send the stuff that doesn't fit back to the vendor.

I need some some new bottoms too.
Anonymous said…
I am loving your photoshop skills which are WAY better than mine and I'm proud to inform you that I am commenting from my IPhone! YAY!
Anonymous said…
me, Paola
I just saw a fashion segment on the TODAY show.
It featured the mother of the fashion expert and she was wearing something by UNIQLO.
alice c said…
Uniqlo is MissM's favourite shop at the moment. It is because of funky colour range and the slightly spaced out shop assistants. I am just there to hold the armfuls of clothes outside the changing rooms.
Allison said…
Again, I am smiling. Capris were pretty much all I wore the five years I lived in Vegas. I think they are still in--aren't they? Please? You are brave to take a rear view shot--if my tukus were that petite I might must the courage. I think the day I put a college sticker on my car I will faint.
Anonymous said…
And what is wrong with the 14-yo boy thing, I ask? Fourteen is a perfectly viable age.

Well, maybe not for an over-29 woman...
Anonymous said…
Pants are just hard. But I think you look great. The skirt sounds lovely.

College sticker on the car. What a milestone!

Jen said…
I've suspected you were a 14 year old boy for a long time. Now you've given us proof. The pants are darling, but I'm gripped by the urge to feed you a ham sandwich.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm too distracted by the size 4 thing to even bother commenting.

I think you need more than a ham sandwich. I think you need an awful lot of cake.
tut-tut said…
you look quite fantastic, bb.

my WV is nablate. meaning?
Badger said…
I think both pairs look fine.

However, and YOU KNOW THIS, places like JCrew and the Gap and Old Navy do not make clothes for women with curves. There is a REASON why the models in the ads and on the websites do not have boobs and hips. You need to let it go, man. Stop trying to make those stores work for you. I SAY THIS OUT OF LOVE.

(And I really do think both pairs look totally fine. And very cute when layered. And I am with K on how much pants should cost, so what do I know?)
Anonymous said…
Did you take the photo of your bottom yourself? That can't have been easy...
MizMell said…
I have to venture out for a "mother-of-the-bride dress. ANy ideas for me? You have such a knack for fashion!

I have one kid out of college (last May) and one a quarter way through. It does make you feel so good when they get on with the business of planning their life.
Anonymous said…
2 words:
Banana Republic

Cut for the curvy
Mary said…
I think you are a very talented photoshopper.

And a discerning shopper who knows what looks good on her.

I suspect I am not so discerning.

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