looking forward to...

  1. One Small Linen Artist Bag.
  2. Wellfleet.


3. Business cards. To bring to Blogher.

4. Meeting Schmutzie and The Palinode.

5. Commuting with K, Middle, and Youngest in August.

6. Not having to wear a coat.

7. Cheez-its (I'm going downstairs to get some in a minute.)

8. My boss returning to work on Monday.

9. Riding the scooter to the station in July.

10. July.


smalltownme said…
re #8? If you are looking forward to that, you are fortunate and your boss is too!
Stephanie said…
Aw man...now I really want to go to blogher!

p.s. I never would think of you as always negative. just thought I'd let you know that.
RW said…
I am looking forward to your trip to Wellfleet too!
Elan Morgan said…
I can't wait to meet you!

I also just got my favourite word verification ever for this comment: "wordsta".
Ree said…
blackbird at BlogHer. Yay!

That bag is wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Oh Schmutzie and Palinode! Where are you meeting, Tuvalu or chez them?
That's nice.
The Coffee Lady said…
oooh - pretty bag
halloweenlover said…
Beautiful! We are going to Wellfleet in August too! August 1-8th!

Our weather in Boston is awesome right now. Warmish, but breezy and not too hot. I'm looking forward to this summer too!
MizMell said…
July sounds good. The city-girl daughter will be 25--and halfway through her degree. I;ll be finished with mine, and the youngest's wedding will be history.
I suspect the world will be calm and I'll be enjoying tomatoes from the garden.
Thank you for that brief daydream...

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