I know what you're thinking

You're thinking: she gets a full-time job and stops blogging. And I will freely admit that the whole job thing has definitely hampered the blogging. (Hampered? Is that right? Sounds like laundry.) But the real truth of it is: WE HAVE NO INTERNET AT MY HOUSE.
Could be the Airport, could be - I don't know, BIRDS?
There's also the issue of working all the live-long day at my computer in the office and coming home bleary-eyed and barely having the stamina to check my emails.
But I have much to report re. pens and ramps and tops and bottoms and shopping and meeting Loretta in town this weekend.

Just not right now.

All best,



ThirdCat said…
not even survivor recaps? Because these days I'm in the same series that you are and I like, really like your recaps (from Australia they were a bit distant, because we were about 8 series behind)
Jennifer said…
We know your heart is here :)
RW said…
We will wait.
Say hi to Loretta for me! Any chance you two will be on the Cape at the same time? I may be around the first week of August.

Sometimes I feel like my computer is my full-time job that nobody is paying me for.
Anonymous said…
Pens and ramps and tops, oh my! Can't wait to hear. Hang in there. (And I thought just commenting on blogs took time...)

Ali said…
See, and I'm amazed you manage as often as you do. Because even with part time working and I seriously struggle to throw a post together.
Jan said…
Don't worry, we'll be here.
I'd loved to have been the third at your get-together with Loretta.
Amy A. said…
It's exhausting, I know.
Anonymous said…
Always happy to see you whenever you have time to fly by.
Anonymous said…
So let me get this straight: you post each day and believe you abandoned us? With a home to run and 4 boys in it???
I'll tell you this. I would have shut the blog down, that's what I would've done.
Relax, nobody is going anywhere. Believe me. We heart u.
Eleanor said…
I wasn't thinking that at all!!

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