I know, right?

Look. It's like this:
fabulous boss gives me Rosé.


- Gently suggests that it will change my mind about pink wine. Perfect with a frittata and salad for Sunday lunch, we concur!

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And, lo, he is right. And my opinion of pink wine is forever changed. But, more importantly, lo, he is a pleasure to work for.

And then? A party for my delightful cousin, E, who is having a baby.

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Yes. All babies need knitted monkey backpacks.
And, LO, though I am jaded and crabby, this gathering of women to celebrate the coming motherhood of my cousin was lovely.

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(The sun does help.)
With heartfelt toasts and tea...

<span class=

(the gentlemen went across the street for burgers)

With petite edibles -

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and tender moments...


with beautiful babies in attendance -


we celebrated, uh, the circle of life.
Corny, I know, but there we were, a flock of women, celebrating one among us who will be a new mom.
It makes me misty.

Next? A trip to the movies with my boys. We saw Monsters Vs. Aliens and, I have to say, it was not bad! This equals a rave from me as it took some convincing to get me to attend a kid movie with so many great adult choices out there. Is it a bad thing that I was enamoured of the lead character's hair? The lead character who WAS A CARTOON? Ah, well - such is life. I was also pleased that "Susan" was the star of said movie and, flawed though she was, she was a lovely hero.

Where does that bring me to? Monday?
Off to work - new dress from Muji, a date set with Loretta, thoughts with our Paola's brethren, and THEN: Youngest has an asthma attack.
I got home from work and had to determine if he could get along until mid-afternoon of the next day and see the doctor and decided to bring him to the emergency room. Many Tuvaluan parents had the same idea, it turned out, and we were there until two in the morning. Xrays and treatments and many uncomfortable hours later we were in our beds.

Off to work, just a few hours later. I sleep-walked through the day but survived! And so did Youngest, who does not have pneumonia, and is taking his medication and had some chest PT and is doing better.

And so it is Wednesday.
And Easter is on the horizon.
I'm planning on putting away the winter clothes this weekend.

I'll keep you posted.


Scot said…
"Ah, well - such is life..." SUCH IS LIFE?!? The perfect oppertunity to say lovey, and you glossed right over it. Shame, shame, shame woman!
ROR ;o)
and what, pray tell, was that tiny white rectangle w/ the rose sitting next to the coffee cup? Too pretty to eat.
smalltownme said…
Out west where I live? Sunstone Syrah Rose is pretty ... delicious.

You're having a nice week so far...
smalltownme said…
Except for the asthma, which is not nice. Sorry for entering the previous comment just a bit too soon.
Amy A. said…
I know. I was considering taking a picture of Susan to the hair stylist.

Happy that youngest is doing better.
Anonymous said…
I'm a little bit smitten with the wallpaper at the shower. And the china.

I'm glad Youngest is feeling better!

Julia said…
I love the shower setting too, it reminds me of a Tuvalu hotel we went to when kids that served tea in the afternoons, and seemed the essence of lady-like living. (Lady-like was a phrase we heard much as children, I think it has since been replaced by "is that what a princess would do?")

Glad Youngest has no pneumonia and hope he feels better fast!
KPB said…
You know Rose is the new black of wines.

I adore it.

Good news about Youngest.

Life huh, it just rolls on doesn't it.
Loretta said…
Oy, working outside the home moms. Sleepwalking is a familiar state.

Glad the rose was good and the baby shower!
Badger said…
I heart rose. Roh-zhay. Rose WITH AN ACCENT.

GAH for Youngest. Glad he's okay.
BabelBabe said…
I am wildly impressed with how beautifully stylish your pregnant cousin looks. I LOVE her shoes and could never ever have worn them while pregnant. And the dress! Someone who does pregnancy that gracefully surely deserves a knitted monkey backpack.
Allison said…
I am sorry to hear of youngest's trial at the er--I hope some medication and some rest will provide some remedy. I am always more comfortable amidst a group of men, with a beer in my hand--but my own baby showers have proven to be warm experiences that I will always cherish. It will take some convincing on the rose, though--but I would love the fritatta and the salad. Are those beans or seeds in that salad? YUM!
RW said…
Glad to hear your youngest is doing better.
Anonymous said…
God, you were back to the ER. This should STOP.
The shower sonded adn looked absolutley lovely and so lifting after all this suffering and death.
I went and met Loretta and she was kind enough to post about L'Aquila and actually gave an English site (NIAF).
Thank you and all whom are praying, thinking and supporting.
We are now organizing a truck in town to deliver clothes, first aid, medicines and such.
Anonymous said…
This was so many posts in one that I want to comment about everything but won't. I too am glad Youngest is on the mend. Have we seen the new dress yet?

Sadie said…
Did you ask the parents of those cute little babies if it's okay to post their picture online?

So glad Youngest is doing better and that Easter is on the way!
Lucy Fir said…
Oooh! Lovely gold-rimmed dishes! Looks like it was a great celebration of the "circle of life." And no, you're not corny. You're beautiful. From one bird to another.
Caterina said…
"All babies need knitted monkey backpacks."

Um, yes, yes, YES they do :) Simply adorable.
Anonymous said…
Here's to clear lungs, new babies, good food & a good boss. And to YOU, bb, for again mentioning the beauty of everyday life.

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