how to save money on a Spring wardrobe

I did the big wardrobe switch over the weekend and I tried on all my skirts and pants. The good news: I have lots and lots of tee shirts. The bad news: I don't have any pants or skirts. But the Gap was open on Sunday so I spent an hour trying on their skirts and pants.
Here's my report:


While I no longer look like Busty McPreggers in this kind of top, when I think about wearing it to the office I can only picture myself with Heidi braids and a milking stool.


Call it a nightgown, call it a beach cover-up, but don't call it a dress. Also? It's see-through. (My personal favorite.)

I know, I know, I need pants and skirts!


But, wait! This top was reduced. Reduced AND transparent. WHO'S WEARING THIS STUFF AND WHAT ARE THEY WEARING UNDER IT?



I liked these a lot. In one size they were too big in the hips and the next size smaller was too tight. And, in this picture, they certainly aren't very flattering in the calf area, are they?


Guess what? SEE THROUGH.
I tried on four or five other pairs of pants and they were all awful, so I distracted myself with -

cropped sweater

half a sweater. Cropped! I mean cropped. Sadly, on me, it looked like I was trying to wear children's clothing.

How about this?

<span class=

It's Anthro as interpreted by Gap. I can hear them in the meeting: hey, this funky over-stitched, pin-tucked look works over at Anthropologie - lets have it close with hooks and eyes! Aside from having a marching band/nurse uniform with embroidery kind of feel, I found myself obsessing about how to wash it. Those are little fabric covered balls running down the front of it and they were getting dirty on the hanger!

I didn't buy anything and I'm feeling very smug about it. Like I saved about five hundred bucks. Leave me alone - I'll get over it when I don't have any pants to wear to work.


Mary said…
When you find a store that sells great clothing and will ship to Australia (and the clothes need to be a few sizes bigger than you wear methinks!) you will let me know won't you??!!
Allison said…
What has happened to the Gap? Who the heck are their stylists? Lately I don't think that they carry anything that is wearable. And I do love Anthro--but can someone please tell them that there are many of us size 14 women who would spend every available cent in their store if they would make something bigger than a 4.

Keep us posted on your final Spring purchases! I do admire your taste!
Eleanor said…
I am over lusting after Gap and other similar American stores. It seems that I have either outgrown their stuff, or else their designs are changing. Check out Mela Purdie and it'll put Gap et al in perspective - silly clothes for silly young things.

Rant over, off to bed.
eurolush said…
You saved $500 at the Gap yesterday...whilst I spent $500 at Gap Kids online for an 11 year old girl who needed clothes for summer camp. Shorts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, bathing suits...who knew I'd break the bank just buying the essentials?

Footnote: But they are pretty cute essentials. And she'll be able to wear them for at least a week in Germany when she gets back...before the COLD returns.

Second footnote: Haven't even started buying camp clothes for the 14 year old boy, who has outgrown his summer wardrobe. Jayzus.

PS-Word verif: dogybra ??? (Would this contraption have multiple cups?) Bitch, please. Hahahaha. Ha. Cough. Cough.
Anonymous said…
What about the Gap's older sister, Banana Republic? Or just sticking with Nordies?

Anonymous said…
You share my capri problem--I have big German calves and there is a huge range of "not good length" for me. I feel grateful after reading your post that I don't need any new clothes.
BabelBabe said…
had the same see-through issue at Old Navy over the weekend. Wound up with one pair of jeans (flared, which makes me unhappy, but better than skinny jeans). but just about every shirt was see-through. who thinks this is a good fashion choice???
Unknown said…
Have I suggested Ann Taylor LOFT, before? I think I have, but it bears repeating.

Good quality (not transparent), well-made, nicely-designed, COMFORTABLE clothing that doesn't break the bank. The petite cut pants, especially, are a god-send.
Liz said…
I like Ann Taylor Loft too. A lot of clothes that can be worn to work. As for the transparent shirt, I am wearing one right now, I wear a cami/tank top underneath. It is very comfy, consider it is 75F right now.
The Coffee Lady said…
I too have no trousers. But if it makes you feel any better, I don't have any tops, either.
Lucy Fir said…
I love your musings on fashion. I'm on the lookout for skirts myself (to go with too many pairs of strappy sandals I've already purchased). Keep me posted!
alice c said…
Hmmm...there is much to ponder in what you say...I was particularly drawn to your comment about cheap copies. In my experience they are made of poor quality material and wear out quickly.
Julie said…
Okay so I CANNOT believe I am saying this- but what about checking out Old Navy....

::flinches and awaits a smack::

They're stuff has changed a TON.
Most of it is CUTE!
And cheap!

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