field trip

I took the day off and brought the boys into town.


Youngest wanted some skinny jeans and we took care of that pretty quickly.
But just around the corner was a place I've always wanted to visit.

<span class=

The fellas were a bit dubious when we first arrived.

clam ram

But there was so much to look at...

<span class=

we each had our favorite items.


Though I think all three of us admired this overpriced stapler.


I keep forgetting to tell Oldest about this skateboard.

<span class=

And I couldn't decide if I liked these felt flowers or was a little freaked out by them.

<span class=

I do love paper shoes AND plastic dish-brushes.


Can you spot the cuckoo clock? It had a very nice, um, cuckoo sound.

Kiosk ceiling

It was a wonderful tiny place.

We found a perfect present for Middle - (who just nailed THE most wonderful summer internship)


had some fabulous pizza, and went home.

A fine day out.


smalltownme said…
What a strange store. The clam ram is a little scary.
The sign is Definately Awesome.

If you ever relocate to Wellfleet, I'l get you a clam ram for a housewarming gift.
Anonymous said…
The sign is Most Excellent. I think I want one. Not for myself, you understand, I have several candidates.
Anonymous said…
You and your guys are seriously cool. If you had done anything differently with them that day, I'd have been a tad disappointed.

More about the internship, please. And extend congrats!

alice c said…
Felt flowers? I vote Freaked.
barbra said…
That sign is great. (Congrats on the internship!) What a strange little shop.
Anonymous said…
Indeed! Congrats on the internship!
RW said…
Well done on the internship.
Ree said…
You and your boys are all wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Quirky wonderfulness. I inherited a stapleless stapler from my dad. It's a cool little contraption.

Excited to hear about THE internship!

Anonymous said…
Did you find jeans? I hate boy jean shopping. Pip is tall but super skinny and none fit him. He has to pull them in all pleated with a belt to get the length in the legs. Teenaged boys are all out of proportion with jeans.

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