dateline: Tuvalu

The weather went from cold and rainy to warm and sunny - nearly overnight.

Oldest has been working in town this week, commuting with us in the morning and then riding his long-board down the avenue to work. He comes home exhilarated.

Middle participated in Senior Cut Day this week, bargaining his day off by explaining that his GPA is locked, he has been accepted to college, he had only two classes and that "no one is going to be at school." I agreed to let him "cut" but refused to call him in sick (aided and abetted by a recorded call from the principal explaining that any absent senior would need a doctor's note to be marked "absent" rather than "cut"). In the end, it sounds to me as though most of the senior class skipped school and, as of this report, the administration had not decided how to deal with the offending teens. For the record, I'll tell you that I would have made certain that he complied with whatever consequences the administration handed down - detention, the "tank" (in-school suspension), hard the crime, do the time in my house. If you can determine a punishment for me, as an accessory to the crime, feel free to leave it in the comments. But be kind, he's a good fellow who has worked hard and complies with curfew, calls in and helps out whenever asked and this is a minor transgression on both our parts.

Youngest spent the day, today, free running which has been his worrying hobby for many months now. So far, knock wood, he has come home with bloody legs, a large abrasion on his neck (FOR GOD'S SAKE) and various pulls and strains. As I have spent an inordinate amount of time with him in hospitals over his lifetime, I am not terribly happy about this recent turn of events - though I am pleased that he continues to find ways to be active and outdoors.

Middle spent the day shooting with a friend who already attends Art School. He returned to drop off equipment and pick up some advice on how to barbecue steak.

And, speaking of steak, after a day of housework and a nice scooter-ride through town, we had the first barbecue of the season - steaks and asparagus and fries.
The windows were open all day, we tidied up the front porch and made plans to bring Youngest to the beach to try out his skimboard from Christmas.

I cleaned up the dinner things whilst listening to A Prairie Home Companion.
A warm breeze came through the window over the kitchen sink.
I had bought body lotion today, with spf 15 in it. I didn't think about it as I put it in the cart, but, as soon as I put some on this evening, I realized that the scent of it is reminiscent of sunblock...and suddenly, all at once, I smelled of summertime.


Anonymous said…
in my day, senior cut day was an excused absence.

I can't believe that you chose to say free running instead of parkour. given an opportunity to speak french and you don't take it?

Yvon Chouinard says the only way to barbecue steak is to forgo the grill. and out the steak directly on the glowing red coals. Of course he is famous for many things, but none of them cooking.

Mary said…
As you begin to smell of summertime - I smell the slightly musty smell of warm clothes being pulled out of cases which had been packed away.
Anonymous said…
I'm never sure of what schools are hoping to achieve when they offer nothing constructive for the day and yet insist on attendance from all students. It seems one of those battles that is hardly worth the effort they put into policing and punishing.

As to free running... OH MY GOODNESS!
Anonymous said…
My youngest has opted out of football this year. I'm both relieved that he won't be getting hit four times a week, and sad to miss the great fun we had watching his team go to the Provincial Finals. Twice!

Frankly, I would accept free running as an alternative for the same reasons you do. I'm all for computer literacy and quick reflexes, but GET OUTSIDE already.

As for the "cut" day, good for you. I once had a boss who insisted we take a few "well days" every year. It's good for overall morale. I think it should be univeral.

Anonymous said…
Each one of your wonderful family members will never cease to amaze and fascinate me, each in its own defined way.
Last night I had my first feeling of summer here too.
Jen on the Edge said…
I'm a big fan of Senior Skip Day. The students have been going full-tilt since the day they became freshman and it's nice that they can have a day off.

Here in Jenworld, we allow Mental Health Days when they're needed. I'm pretty sure that both of my girls will have one coming up soon.

(My word verification is "cheer"!)
Anonymous said…
I still remember my Senior Skip Day fondly... 25 years later! There should be no consequences; it's a rite of passage!
Badger said…
It was gorgeous here last week, but now it's hot and humid and rainy. Ugh.

And I have actually HEARD of parkour, believe it or not! Did not realize it had morphed into free running, though. Might want to make sure Youngest is up to date on his tetanus booster, yo.

YAY for Oldest. I have been thinking about him lately. I had a feeling a while back that things might have gone wonky, but that they'd get much better, and it sounds like they are good now. Woo!

And I am with the majority rule on skip day. No punishment necessary. It's EXPECTED, fer cryin' out loud!
RW said…
We had our first feeling of summer last night too. Friends dropped by and we sat on our deck and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and some chilled beer.

The Free Running thing - I had never heard of it before.

I like the sound of your meal. Maybe we will do that.
Amy A. said…
Oy, the free running. It's parkour all day everyday around here for my boy. It is kinda cool and spidey-like.

I blame Frosty.
Anonymous said…
Free running and parkour are totally new to me. I'd be right there worrying with you. And I'm picturing Oldest long-boarding through The City, a vision of grace and speed.
eurolush said…
Nothing like the smell, taste and feel of summer after a long winter. Sigh.

Reading this made me feel giddy. I love summer. And open windows. And barbecue.

We've got Brats on the grill right now...which'll be served alongside German potato salad and cucumber salad for dinner tonight. Followed by homemade cheese cake.

OMG. I think I gained 20 pounds just writing that.


PS-I'm of the "no punishment necessary" mindset for Middle. That kid is awesome.
The Coffee Lady said…
I read eurolush's comment to read that she had Bratz on the grill, and imagined for a moment my children's dolls melting

serves em right for dressing like hookers

anyway tell me more about this Prairie Home Companion. I heard it once on a CD and couldn't make any sense of it. Enlighten me.
Ree said…
It hit 86 here today. Beautifully sunny and an amazing feat for Michigan in April.

I spent the better part of the day shopping for and then replacing cabinet knobs. What was I thinking?
WTF? Northeast US was hotter than FLORIDA today!

Freerunning? Another one of those things that makes mother's hair go grey.

We also allowed the occasional Mental Health Day when the kids were in high school.
I actually wrote excuse notes that said "A was exhausted and needed to spend half the day sleeping".

Our REAL Mexican restaurant got bought out and turned horrible. Tonight we discovered a new REAL Mexican restaurant and it was wonderful.

Is this the old lemon tree or a new lemon tree?
smalltownme said…
I'd like a ditch day myself.
barbra said…
No punishment necessary.

Middle has been working hard!
Anonymous said…
That was a very nice post. Your boys are amazing.

I also have a bit of a crush on Garrison Keillor, and always have.

Rae said…
Wow, I'm impressed that there is just one day in the year when they cut classes! Go Middle.

We've watched these youtube "Urban Ninja" clips again and again at our house- my kids try all the tricks they can everywhere they go, but this was the first time I heard of freerunning. I think it's awesome and that you are a wonderful mom for supporting Youngest- it's true- good for them to be RUNNING.

And we will try our own freerunning in Delhi, I guess. That would make a cool video.
Miz S said…
Soon we will smell honeysuckle, which might be the most heavenly of the early summer scents.

I miss you, little blackbird.

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