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I may not have a lot of time - but I still manage to traipse around the internet. These are the people who stir my thoughts:

Nienie - I cannot read her posts without developing a lump in my throat. Her courage is beyond words and the love that pours through and around and in her words is, sometimes, too much for me to bear.

A Continuous Lean
- Such things! It's good that K has no affinity for clothing or accessories. We'd be bankrupt.

Free People
- I know. I'm a walking cliche.

The helylle-fortrata styling experience
- Anna is my polar opposite, style-wise, and I adore everything she wears.

Auto Pilot
- She's the newest blogger in the blogosphere! Go and welcome her! Nevermind! Came and went in a week. With controversy too...Bluebird Who?

Reference Library
- Depressingly Awesome!

Pip-Squeak Chapeau

I know - some of you were expecting a post on Survivor. I didn't see it --- it was Middle's final concert at school. Oh, the weeping.


Anonymous said…
Not I!!! I am happy you had the concert going on.
skipska said…
Oh too bad, it was so entertaining! Although, they cannot get rid of Coach soon enough - I am happy that Probst is openly mocking him at this point.
NorahS said…
Well, Survivor looked hopeful, took a downturn, then there was a twist at the end. I'm sure it is recapped on Television w/o Pity. Maybe next week?
Anonymous said…
You always find the neatest stuff online. And I've been reading Anna recently too--I wish I had her style. I am shy, I guess. Or afraid.
Adriana said…
Nienie is my roommate's cousin. She is an amazing woman!
Anonymous said…
Nienie. Wow. Pip-Squeak Chapeau--so you!

Survivor had me hyperventilating at the end. Try to catch it somehow.

Final HS concert is a weepy milestone indeed.

eurolush said…
I love Anna with the burning heat of a thousand suns. She cheers me up every time I visit her.

Looks like I outlasted at least one blogger! Hurrah! My standards are so low.

Glad you had a special evening at the last concert for Middle.

PS-This is how I got my start. You foolishly linked to me, and the rest is history. Thank you, bb.
joke said…
Good call. There are no reruns for Middle's -- or any other -- concerts.

Reference Library is INDEED Depressingly Awesome.

I FINALLY clicked over to Eurolush and she is also Awesome.
Amy A. said…
Nienie kills me.

I'll have to make a point of making some internet time this weekend so I can go check out your list.

Trying to wrap my head around the 'Depressingly Awesome' saying. I'm not sure I get it. Not hip enough, I spose. (Am I jealous of someone else's awesomeness and that makes me depressed?)

Okay, no more philosophizing. Back to work.

WV=TWALK - It's a talk and a walk all in one.

Can you totally tell I'm procrastinating? Sheesh.
Sömsmånen said…
So thrilled and flattered, speachless, really. Come on over, everybody, I love to see you all!
Eleanor said…
Oh bb, there you go again, spreading blogging joy via your links.
Patsy said…
farewell Bluebird...
gone but not forgotten...
Eleanor said…
The linen long-sleeved wrap dress...yearning....yearning...

I know, it would probably crease terribly, right? And wrap dresses tend to gape on me. Right?
Badger said…
Last concert? GASP! You mean there's no marching band at art school?!

Here's what you missed on Survivor: Coach was a sanctimonious prick, Tyson was a bullying asshole, Sierra was kind of whiny but ultimately kind of awesome, Stephen continued to be adorable, BLINDSIDE AT TRIBAL!
Mrs. G. said…
Well you have to You Tube it because it is one of the BEST ever. I actually cheered.

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