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In which I comment on the items below, which Miss M has suggested her mother, my dear friend Alice C, have a look at, before they shop.
My comments are in bold.

On Apr 26, 2009, at 6:45 AM, Alice C wrote:

Hi bb,
Just setting off to see beloved daughter. She sent this email in advance so that we could focus our shopping...
Am worrying much about Youngest - just to share the load.
Have a lovely Sunday

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Subject: Topshop extravaganza

Sadly I can't find the link for the bag... Perhaps I imagined it but here is some other stuff instead!

Me thinks so: All Over Rose Print Tight

Are you tall and slim? Do you have long long legs?
One would require the legs of a giraffe to wear these. Were I to wear them, people would be forced to stare in horror, thinking my innards had somehow been sprayed onto my legs. I think. Am I being negative? Too negative? If you get them you cannot wear another print ANYWHERE on your body.

Or perhaps these.

These would require a thighectomy. Is there actual surgery to have one's outer thighs removed? I don't mean lipo - that stuff just comes back anyway. I mean actual lopping off of thigh. I'll bet the recovery would be very difficult and I can't decide if I'd want them to cut off my inner thigh or my outer thigh and you just know they couldn't do both side at the same time - too risky. Maybe I'd ask them to remove the outer thigh on my right leg and the inner thigh on my left.
Wait. Where were we? Oh, the lacy tights - yes...pretty!

It's just so hard to choose which curtains to match!
Are we only looking at tights?

Being serious....
This is not serious. This is a bikini. I'm sure you will look adorable in it and not at all like you have two tennis balls hanging inside a pair of socks which have been draped around your neck - if you follow me.

To match my party shoes.
Cute, cute, cute...the boyleg is adorable. For the thighless. Do people wear party shoes with bathing suits?

Or -
The right cup not matching the left cup would make me batty. Then again, even without odd stripes, my left cup probably doesn't match my right cup. You, obviously, ARE tall and thin. Horizontal stripes. Sheesh. This suit is CUTE AS A BUTTON! Bring a little white cardi to cover your shoulder and you'll look VERY JCrew.

But I'll stop because I think that's enough links...
Now I am thinking entirely too much about bathing suit shopping. And wondering if my bathing suits even FIT me.

What's weird is that they don't actually have any of the stock in the shop on the website so either they're really behind or someone hasn't bothered updating the website. Hmm...

Oh and what do you think of this?
Cute! Oh! Buy this dress! Retro adorable!

Yes or no?
YESYESYES! it's a copy of a beautiful couture dress! it's lovely!

And I'm done! Love xx

Ah, have a girl child to shop with...

Here's hoping I get an update and find out what she bought!


Jen on the Edge said…
I'm thinking that perhaps I need to enlist your aid in purchasing my 10 y.o.'s wardrobe before she goes off to upper elementary/middle school in the fall.
Miss M must be young. All that stuff would look cute on my daughter, because she is young and cute and has a cute 21 year old body.
I lost mine when I was 28. I still haven't found it.

The yellow dress was my favorite.
Anonymous said…
A risky wardrobe indeed, she MUST be tall and thin, lucky gal.
That dress speaks SUMMER! Nice.
smalltownme said…
Thanks for the virtual shopping trip. As the mother of sons, all I get to buy are black jeans, more black jeans, and black shorts. And a pair of khakis just to be different.
Poppy Buxom said…
What's with tights when it's almost May? Sheesh, I get a yeast infection just thinking about wearing that much artificial fiber near my naughty bits.
alice c said…
MissM is hugely honoured to be featured on this prestigious blog. She knows that bb is personal friends with The Sartorialist and Manolo and that most people would cut off their right arm (never mind their thighs) to get bb's fashion advice.

The day went well with first stop at TopShop to buy swim wear - think small!! and stripy!! Then it was off to Gap to ransack the sale rail. Think fabulous shaped blue wool jacket for less than nothing!!

Alas the handbag proved elusive - better luck next time.
Ali said…
What I want to know is how Miss M (who IS tall and thin and beautiful) gets that haul, and Alice gets the sheep-gilet?
Mary said…
I would like that yellow dress for me.

However it would look ridiculous so I will merely lust instead.
Scot said…
"...two tennis balls hanging inside a pair of socks..."
I've seen diminutive women wear tatoo tights before, they look fine. Stop being so hard on yourself and send them your euros.
eurolush said…
MissM is hip, stylish and adorable. I've seen her. I know of what I speak.

PS-I bought a jacket at TopShop after speaking with MissM. She is my fashion guru.

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