Is that how you spell that?

Here you all are, thinking, I'm sure, that I'm recovering from the loss of Dear Uncle Frank - and truly, Uncle Frank was a very lovely man and cherished by many, but I have to tell you: I had only met him once.
The truth of it is: I spent Saturday driving and Sunday food shopping and preparing for THE STORM OF THE CENTURY and I did not write any posts.
We got our groceries nice and early, I got some chores done, K cooked an incredible meal of some kind of Anthony Bourdain pork and potatoes (the latter were smothered in French cheese and had bacon in them) and we waited for the snow.
It started at about 8:00pm and by 9:30 they had closed our schools.
But what about work, I hear you asking...and the train...the commute?
Well, K had today off, so he drove me at the usual time and I got on a train and it left a wee bit late and did, strangely, sit in a tunnel for a while - but I got to work close to my usual time.
Ah, but THEN...the snow fell all day and no one else came to work and a couple of co-workers sent me notices from the railroad.
Scattered delays.
Equipment problems.
Signal failures.
Canceled trains.
Fortunately, I was very busy at work (it took me three hours to switch some meetings around, IMAGINE?) and didn't pay much attention.
An email from my boss at around 1:00 said he would be fine with me leaving early, but I had things to keep me busy until about 3:30.
And then I got one more email about the train and I left at 4:00.
The railroad canceled all the Tuvalu trains and re-routed all the others and I caught the very last train.
Such luck.

And what was the city like all covered with snow? BEAUTIFUL.
And in the beautiful city, all covered with snow, everyone was in a different mood. We were all snow trekkers. We were all in it together, going about our business in our snow-suits.
People were more jovial, people were more adventurous, people were more child-like.

I had the best soup from my cafe. Ten vegetables. They put olives in their tuna salad too. And, because I order food for meetings from my cafe, the owners put my lunch together extra quickly.

On Friday, the French lady who owns the cafe was wearing the best silky dress with big slouchy over-the-knee suede boots. She looked awfully good. And, do you know who was IN my cafe on Friday? You think for a little while....

Uma Thurman.
That's who.
I was perfectly composed and only a little creepy whilst I stared, hard, at her, to be sure. But, sure enough, it was Uma.
I was very, very good and got my sandwich and walked past her without so much as a second glance. But I can tell you: she is one of those people who is unbelievable looking - just sitting there with a sandwich and a book.

Just you wait. I'm going to tell you about some things I bought at the Gap.
First, though, I think I'll have some baked ziti. And wine. Red wine.


RW said…
That is kinda exciting.
I am anxious to hear about what you bought at the Gap. What did you think about the new cardigan they are promoting? k
RW said…
Don't know why I typed in that extra letter at the end... the ziti sounds good - so does the red wine.... anything sounds good at this point in my day.
Anonymous said…
Neat! I probably would have walked right past her though; I never recognize celebs out of context. She'd have mistaken my cluelessness for an extraordinary ability to play it cool.
Anonymous said…
Uma is a GODDESS. i am very jealous.
I also wish a stealth photo of your French cafe lady would be most appreciated.
Anonymous said…
I would never have guessed Uma.
I wonder what Uma was reading.
I love the comradery that snow can bring.
Glad you made the last train!
Anonymous said…
Olives in tuna salad. Yum. Must try that.
smalltownme said…
I'm glad you made the train.

Your food descriptions are delicious.
Badger said…
I heart Uma. I used to get her confused with Gwynnyth (I ... don't care) but then I realized that I loved one of them and the other made me want to punch things.
Liz said…
Can't wait to see what you bought at Gap's. Have not shopped there for ages.
Mary said…
Thinking that I would love those slouchy boots.

To wear in a snow covered city.
The Coffee Lady said…
that does sound good. Snow, and soup, and joviality.

Not so fussed for Uma though. Don't think we'd get on.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha--Badger made me laugh.

Coffee Lady did not surprise me at all, however. Yawn.

V. cool to bump into a celeb whilst ordering a tuna sandwich. Uma is a good one to see. Unlike other celebrity women--like Jessica Simpson. Or Miley Cyrus. Or the Jonas Brothers.

Fun fact: I ALWAYS make my tuna with olives AND capers.
Jbhat said…
Ah, what a nice post. I was imagining what you would have done if you had missed your train. I think you would have gotten yourself a room at some chic hotel and spent a cozy night there after a delicious dinner out in the snowy wonderland. Maybe with Uma!
Anonymous said…
Your day sounds charmed.
Anonymous said…
Tuvalu in the snow!
Uma in your café!
Warm soup and over the knee boots!
New GAP!

WF excid
That One said…
If you're prepared, big snow storms are magic.

I don't know that I could have refrained from asking UMA to show off some of her awesome sword handling skillz. Seriously. I heart her.
Miz S said…
Mmmm. Baked ziti and red wine. That sounds really good.

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