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Took my Jeep for an oil change this morning. A free oil change, you know, because I lease the Jeep and there are all kinds of incentives if you lease...well, when you leased, apparently there are no more leases. My free oil change was a few hundred dollars. Scheduled maintenance, something about changing the fluid in the differential, rotating the tires (one was making a noise too) - I don't know. I do usually know a bit about cars and I was vaguely aware of the notion that it might be wise to maintain the differential as we plan on taking the Jeep on to the beach this summer and I'd like to not worry about the transmission. I did, however do a phone consult with K as I'm sure having these things done at a dealership is a terrible rip-off and wanted his opinion. They had wanted me to do the 12,000 mile service (hundreds more) but there are only 9000 miles on the truck and I was unmoved.

K and I went, after I got back, to return the telephone. We spent an awfully long time trying to choose another one and ended up with nothing. Money saved and the old phone is back in use.

The supermarket was next. I was actually pretty excited about the supermarket as they have scanners that one picks up at the beginning of one's trip...one scans each item, packs the groceries into bags there in the aisle - all the while receiving ads and reminders and seeing the total number of goods in the cart. We ordered deli things with another computer and when they were ready a notice came up on my scanner so I could go pick them up. It was all very futuristic and took a while to get the rhythm of it: the scanning and packing and shopping. We thought it seemed to take longer to do it all this way - but then, there is no time spent ringing up and the groceries are packed so the tail end is much faster.

Unpacking, laundry, clean-up, lunch. K worked on tax papers and I did paperwork for Art School.
I love the Art School, truly I do - but, as you may have guessed from the amount of time it took for them to notify us that they had accepted Middle, they aren't much good on the administrative side of things. They lost some of Middle's paperwork, people "went on vacation" when they were supposed to have been in touch with us and the acceptance letter was lost due to "a glitch in the mail." So, I wasn't surprised when the health form necessary for Middle to complete before he can register was missing from his acceptance packet.

Tonight, K and a couple of the boys are going to watch the new Bond movie and Youngest and I are watching Serendipity.
Chicken stir fry.
Maybe some vacuuming.


Ann Martin said…
wow, the trip to the store sounds like fun - once one gets in the rhythm of it, I mean. What kind of system is in place so people don't just fill the bags without scanning each item though?
Anonymous said…
MUST try this new way of shopping.
Serendipity, I once tried to get in there (having watched the movie)but there was a 2 hour waitlist. 2 HOURS.
No thanks.
Anonymous said…
Turn that art school confusion into an asset. When Middle forget to turn in his [fill in the blank] that will allow him to [ditto], you can claim that yes, he did turn it in and THEY LOST IT.

Just a thought. Not that you would ever be so dishonest.
blackbird said…
I am quite tempted, though, to send the check for his deposit BUT NOT SIGN IT.
Julie said…
That trip to the store sounds amazing and yes very futuristic.

We need some of those in Boston.
Anonymous said…
Blackbird you need to get the Verizon hub for your house. It looks like the best phone ever.

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