we may be blessed, we sure are sick

Holy moly!
Youngest and I have fallen to an evil virus disease.
We have THE WORST sore throat in the world coupled with very stuffy heads and mucky eyes.
Youngest is at the tail end of it but I only just started on Friday.

Anywho, every year, when K does his Spring Project, I do a little work for him on the scripts. This year I did far less work on the project, but I did do some. Each year I am paid in the form of a handbag or a pair of shoes - or even a dinner out. This year, I'm being paid with this:


I don't really need one of these - I have a first generation Shuffle - but I would like one of these as my Shuffle is a little wonky and I would appreciate being able to clip my music on to my clothing as I am constantly dropping or tangling my Shuffle in my clothing. I'm figuring there's going to be a bit of a learning curve and even had a dream wherein I had this new Shuffle and was changing the song by clicking my teeth. I'm sure Apple is on that right now, developing that idea.



Here's a picture of a kid who was just accepted to college, eating sausage and peppers!

And here is his brother:


completely unfazed by this development. (Though he did show the appropriate level of excitement.)

The Photo That Started It All:


and by It All, I mean the discussion of my blog over lunch with co-workers. I took a picture of these cute containers (dumpling dipping sauce and salad dressing) and while some were indifferent, one person said: what? are you a blogger or something? Conversation ensued. Later that day it became clear that they had hit the archives when I was asked about "K."

File it under Seen On The Street:

swedish fish

Swedish fish!

Okay - it's time for an Alka Seltzer Plus.


smalltownme said…
Hope you and Youngest feel better soon. I woke up with a scrapy throat...hmmm contagious clear across the country?
Badger said…
OMG, WHO WOULD DUMP SWEDISH FISH ON THE GROUND LIKE THAT? That is a complete waste of deliciousness, right there. OH THE HUMANITY.

We already had that plague over here. It lasted a month. So, er, I hope you've got a milder version of it.
You can pick out the bloggers anywhere. We're always taking pictures of quirky stuff. I'm taking my camera to work today to take pictures of the butterfly mobiles we hung from the ceiling last night.

I hope you and Youngest are better soon. Alka Seltzer....Blecccchhh.
Anonymous said…
Feel better soon!
Jan said…
I love the way you were outted. (That doesn't look right. Is that right?) My Japanese friends are always puzzled over the things I find interesting to photograph. If they knew what a blog was, it would explain a lot.
Feel better soon. We are just recovering from the stomach version of evil virus disease. Spring can't arrive soon enough.
Anonymous said…
Obviously those co-workers did not remember that you were already outed by that brief introductory bio that went out when you first started work. Or maybe I am remembering it incorrectly.

Feel better!

RW said…
Oh. No.
I am sorry to hear you too, are under the weather...what a funny expression...

Feel better soon.

I like those big bowls you are eating your pasta out of... I need some new pasta bowls.
alice c said…
Those may LOOK like Swedish fish but they are actually cryptic messages from travelling folk pointing to places where the Karma is good.
Anonymous said…
Oy. Sorry about the throat. Been there here as well though.
I bought a shuffle upon my visit in Tuvalu, in blue, LOVE IT, also splurged on a Nano because I knew we were going to fight over it, as we are. Feel better soon, and I am still thrilled about Middle!
Anonymous said…
There is so much crud going around--I hope you feel better soon. Mr. D is on week 3 of feeling punky. I wish he'd see a doctor.

Those lids are so cute.
Julie said…
Get better!!
And then tell me how you like the shuffle. Tim has a first generation one too... and we are looking to upgrade.
Anonymous said…
Your photos always remind me of those "fashion dos and don'ts" at the back of the magazine, where they block out the person's eyes and top of the head. Are you guys in witness protection? I mean, seriously. What do you think people would do if they saw a picture of your full face? Hunt you down? lol
blackbird said…
We have chosen to not have our faces appear on the internet.
Anonymous said…
Wow. So your boys don't have MySpace or Facebook? Good for them.
blackbird said…
Nope. Neither.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, we bloggers are the ones snapping photos of our lunch and our cubicle mate's shoes and workman eating his lunch on the sidewalk. We are easy to spot.
tut-tut said…
What college? We just returned from an Ohio tour.
Anonymous said…
had the sore throat, wanted to die -- hope yours passes quickly
Duyvken said…
I love the lollies on the street photo. And congrats to Middle for getting into his college. Does that mean you will only have one left at home? How does Youngest feel about it all?
Anonymous said…
sore throat - oil of oregano, 10 drops una da tongue.

New Shuffle = extreme coolness. The silver one...

Anonymous said…
Perhaps they are MasterM's fish, making a break for it.

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