wait: have I done a random post lately?

Youngest requested Milky Way bars from the big box store last weekend. I haven't had a Milky Way in a very long time. I am surprised and pleased to report that I can really taste the caramel and that it offsets the chocolate nicely. However, I still don't really know what nougat is.


A really long time ago, K worked with a camera guy that he was especially fond of. That guy directs Scrubs now. This tickles me. He was a good guy too - you know, that's my highest compliment, to call some one a "good guy." This guy? Was always a good guy.


Scrubs is, I'm noticing right now, a very sweet/funny/endearing show. I have long maintained that Zach Braff and Middle are very much alike in many ways...though Middle would call bullshit on that, I'm pretty sure other people in our family would agree.


I got my hair cut last week, at a new, more convenient location. It's been a shock to my system, this haircut. It is very very VERY short and was, for about 4 hours, very white. I've since colored it and decided that I need to calm down already with the short hair as it is pretty severe looking and I need to soften up. A bit. I think.

Two things about work:
1. We got bonuses this week. Unheard of in these economic times, upper management (read: my boss) have made smart financial decisions and shared the benefits of being smart with the employees.
2. After having lunch with a group of work friends whose company I enjoy, I gave up my blog address. Am feeling very shy about this whole blogging thing of late as new friends read me.


Dinner Friday: guacamole and chips, red wine, M&M's.


Still kind of reeling over the fact that both of us are gainfully employed and Middle got into college.


Anonymous said…
I would say that your boss is An Official Good Guy, too -- first he made smart financial decisions and then, even better, shared the benefits with the employees.
Anonymous said…
Dear Blackbirds New Readers from Her Job,

Be nice. Don't make me come out there from California and pelt you with organic produce.

Cheers et regards,

Jess said…
It's because y'all are SMAHT. And lovely. :)
Unknown said…
What could be better than guacamole and chips, red wine and M&M's? Not much I think.

I have not had a Milky way in a long time either, not sure what nougat is either, not sure I want to know :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, that last one deserves a great big Yay!!!
Anonymous said…
Just catching up - fabulous re K, Middle, and your bonus! What a wonder a year makes, no?

I just got a bonus, too - and a certificate for an Ipod Touch as another bonus.

Is it just me or do I feel like I am tempting fate with this economic good fortune right now??
islaygirl said…
college of choice, new job and now BONUS?

i think this is some extraordinarily well-deserved goos stuff for Chez Blackbird.

i'm so happy for you!
islaygirl said…
er, GOOD stuff.
Unknown said…
Good things for good people! Enjoy!! You deserve it!!
Liz said…
hmmmm guacamole, why do you end with food? Not good when I am hungry. :P
Poppy Buxom said…
I'm starving, but I'm too busy looking around all squinty-eyed for newbie lurkers to notice all the mentions of guacamole and chips. Or M&Ms. Or Milky Way bars.
Gill said…
Trying hard to translate...Milky Ways are Mars Bars here in the UK...and our Milky Ways are Three Musketeers (?) (Our) Milky Ways were always the poor relation, the last choice in the chocolate tin and the one which left us feeling short changed as children...no caramel, you see.

We've never recovered from having to forego our "Marathon" bars in favour of the US "Snickers" you see...all one and the same, but somehow, when that familar name disappears, the taste and associations go with it. After all, when everything becomes the same, what exotic things will be left for us to bring home from the USA?

"Starbursts"? Nah....They'll always be "Opal Fruits" here....

So glad all is well chez Blackbird: Congrats to Middle on his college place and to Mr Bird too. Nice to hear that good things are happening to good people in spite of everything else!!
Badger said…
If you're looking to soften up the severely short hair, may I recommend strongly AGAINST the bob-mullet hybrid? Which is what happened when I tried to soften MINE up? As you know?

I don't want to turn into one of those people who always posts their word verification word, but seriously? effinaph. Effin' aph. I don't even KNOW, man.
kt said…
I'm with Badger--I don't usually comment two days in a row, but my word verification is "scrid", so I felt I must.
Anonymous said…
I've found you to be most welcoming to new friends. Before long, they'll be members of the flock, and we'll get to know them, too.
A bonus is a rare and wonderous thing. Like found bills in the laundry. Enjoy!

Suse said…
Oh that's weird when real life people read your blog. Just plain wrong, sometimes. :)

ps. I just got my [white] hair cut short too. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
Eleanor said…
Suse's hair looks marvellous, I know because I saw it today...LIVE!!!
Nougat=whipped egg whites mixed with ground nuts and sugar. If the nougat is brown, the sugar was caramelized.

I'm such a word nerd.
Sinda said…
Isn't it weird that we'll let strangers read what we write happily, and strangers-who-became-friends, but get a twinge when real-life people start reading? That's how I feel, anyway.

AND - wonderful things happen to wonderful people.
Anonymous said…
Maybe I should be freaked out by this. We just came back from somewhere with no DSL so I am catching up on blogs and I meant to email you that I had a dream about(for the second time): you, K and Middle. Now I read all these wonderful news.
Enough said.
Anonymous said…
I tried to watch Scrubs once...too silly for me, and Zach Braff is goofy-looking
Geggie said…
So pleased that things are going well for you and your family! Can't wait to hear more about college and K's new job.
Anonymous said…
Wish I looked good with short hair.

My twin sister has very short hair.

Why can't I?


Because with short hair, I look like a handsome, strapping young man. That's why.

Just noticed my word verif. and am very offended:


As in, YER ANL.

That's just rude.
Anonymous said…
that is the perfect dinner, IMHO.
Congratulations on all of your happiness.

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