truth and comedy

1. I lift from Ingrid ALL THE TIME. Go. Read Ingrid. She inspires me every weekend (which is the only time I have to read her.)

2. I read about Twitter and Facebook every day. They are in the NEWS every DAY. I'd like to take this time to apologize to the people who follow me in those places. I no longer have time to be involved with either of those sites. Twitter is fun though - I'll probably revisit Twitter while I'm at Blogher. Facebook? Not so much. Facebook, IMO, is the poor mans blogging. One must be inspired to spit it all out over here. It takes some effort.

3. What?

4. We had a little thunderstorm last night.

5. Sometimes you need a lot of tape on your fingers to play drums.

M hands

It's Monday.


Allison said…
You are right. I agree about FaceBook. And lately I am just getting into trouble over there. DANG IT. You are also right about Monday. IT IS.
xo to you for the refer :)

re. FB and Twitter: I just started a new contact so I suspect I'll become rather scarce. You're right, it is way to hard to split the effort. Everything becomes diluted and doesn't end up saying much.

Have a wonderful day lovely.
1. Video. Sooo true.
2. Twitter and Facebook. Not going there. Ever. My mother-in-law spends WAY too much time on my daughter's Facebook page.
3. Ingrid. Adding her to my favorites.
4. What?
5.We also had a thunderstorm.
6. In high school, I had a crush on all the drummers.
Poppy Buxom said…
I have two Facebook accounts and still don't see the point. For some reason the Poppy Buxom account is constantly showing me ads about colon cleansing. And I don't really know how to take that.

I think you're right: Facebook is internet publishing for people who never got on board with blogging or Flickr.

And what's more annoying than a Facebook n00b who adds every. single. app. and keeps flinging shoes and peeps and leprechaun gold and Easter eggs? Nothing, that's what.

(Of course, I say this as someone who plays lil Green Patch every day. Heh.)
Anonymous said…
That video is so right on the money.
I never knew that about drummers.
Anonymous said…
I am PROUD to inform you that I am not on Facebook. (Nor do I have a blog...or Twitter. GOD am I boring?)
blackbird said…
Paola? Boring?
Anonymous said…
OMG, everything we have IS amazing. I'm with that guy. I tend to not freak out when, say, the computer crashes. It's a miracle that we even HAVE computers. And look how itsy bitsy they are now. What the heck.

Anonymous said…
Next day- far too many blisters on my hands.

Sadie said…
Are we talking real drumming or Rock Band drumming? And I've seen that video making the rounds online (it's viral, I tell you). Facebook as poor man's blog? I don't see it. A completely different animal, if you ask me (and you didn't, but anyway). Have a good Monday.
blackbird said…
REAL drumming!
Middle has tendonitis from REAL DRUMMING~
Caterina said…
Go Middle! (but take care of the appendages)

I've also heard Facebook referred to as the grown-up MySpace :)

I take breaks away from Twitter and Facebook. I can only take so much of both.
But then again I take breaks from my blog too, ack ;)
The Coffee Lady said…
Okay I'm off to read Ingrid now. I do what I'm told.

Facebook is a living hell - I've given up on it. What do people do on there? I have to admit I don't mind Twitter because I only ever read people's status updates on Facebook anyway - the rest is a mess. People sending me pictures of plants. People pretending to be vampires.


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