a swing and a miss

I'll bet you'd like to know how I did with those Gap purchases, wouldn't you?
The dresses are grand. I wore one of them with a turtleneck and leggings and, aside from the fact that it is somewhat SEE-THROUGH-ISH in harsh sunlight (I'm dealing with it) it is very comfortable and I received many compliments.
But, what about the leggings? and the pants? and the shoes? and the tee shirt dress?
The leggings (now unavailable, which I can only assume is because they are RIDICULOUS) were cut for an elephantine torso and giraffe legs.
The pants? Made my husband laugh out loud and shout: HELLO SAILOR.
And the tee shirt dress was WAY too much tee shirt and not enough dress. Even with its silly tee shirt fabric scarf I looked half dressed.
I kept the shoes - and they were $31.00 and are now $24.99 - and no, I don't feel like arguing for the six bucks.

What now?
Where now? (Wear now?)

Oh, and, I had ordered underwear too...and it was LAUGHABLE.

This is not good.


Mutt said…
Though I don't know you at all I do read quite often. I was shopping at Kohls today - do you have one of those? and saw something that made me think of you. The Dana Buchman line looked like how I sort of picture you.

I also like Talbots, though it's usually out of my price range.
RW said…
so are you telling me you ordered all these things without trying them on?

Anonymous said…
I'm so disappointed for you. I thought those pants were cute, too.

Grandma Cebe said…
Seems to me that ordering underwear online is an iffy thing, especially if it involves something to harness the girls. I'd need to try it on. Which reminds me, I really need a new bra or too.
Elan Morgan said…
It takes me less than five minutes to breeze through the Gap now, because I don't linger over racks of things made out of see-through fabrics that look like they might not make it through the wash and are less substantial than my pajamas.

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