Survivor, I'm starting to feel like one

Middle has purchased a Nikon DLSR and insists on taking pictures of me.
It's been a heck of a week and it's only Thursday...then again, it's Thursday!

I'll tell you, if you want to witness the downfall of humanity, watch the last 15 minutes of Entertainment Tonight before Survivor. I don't even know half the people they report on but I can tell it is crappe.

ANYWAY - Survivor...Jeff is already doing the big wrap up to open the episode. (Middle takes photos of the wine glasses.)
The black team (as seen in flashbacks) seem to wear black clothes...they have 6 members left, the red team have 7.
On night 9 Erinn and Coach have had an argument. He thinks she is "the cancer" of the tribe. Lucky for her Jerry was sick and sent home.

Day 10 finds them discussing who should lead the tribe, but Tyson doesn't know if it should be Brendan or Coach. And Coach thinks it should be Brendan - but he's no fool. They all look kind of skinny and tired. And aggravated.

At the red camp, Spencer is concerned about Taj. But Taj has a secret Exile alliance with Brendan. She confides in Stephen about her bond with Brendan and Brendan's alliance with Sierra.

There's news of a challenge and the black team think about who they will send to Exile. But Brendan hasn't explained this whole Exile alliance thing to Sierra and he's worried.

At the challenge no one is surprised that Jerry went home and I'm busy posing for photos and miss what the actual challenge is. Poles and weights and the winners get to raid the loser's camp.
Only five people play. Players must place weights on their own team members as dictated by the opposing team. Do you get it? I don't. I see that it's difficult to put weight on people but don't understand the strategy behind placement of the weight.
Brendan drops out first for the black team.
All three members of the red team seem fine.
Tyson drops next.
JT drops for the red team.
Joe drops out and leaves two women competing. Taj for the red team and Debra for the black team.
Debra drops out just before the next round of weight (100 pounds?) and Taj wins for the red team for the fourth time in a row.
Taj and Sierra get sent to Exile (which isn't an island at all).
What will the red team steal from the black team camp raid?

The black team (yeah, I'm not sure I'll ever use their real names) worry about losing their beans in the camp raid. They try to be nice to the raiders as they may be merged eventually - and they try to distract the raiders with water cans. The raiders feel it's smart to not take all the food as they know they may merge eventually. They explain this behavior to their team who aren't impressed with this strategy. Beans are cooked.
We hear, for the first time, from Sydney, A MODEL, who is aggravated by Sandy. But that's okay because Sandy would vote Sydney out right away too - because Sydney DOESN'T WEAR A BRA AT NIGHT.

At Exile, Sierra and Taj get a clue that sends them to the tree mail place. Taj is surprised that Sierra doesn't know about the Exile alliance. Taj fills her in. Sierra is thrilled. (Remind me to wear a dress when I'm on Survivor.)

Day 11 at the black team finds them relaxing and having fun. Tyson has fashioned a loincloth and does some "dancing." But Erinn has a tough time "connecting." She's had a terrible break-up before she came to Survivor and she's worried that she'll break down if she gets close to anyone. Tyson looks forward to voting her off.

The second challenge involves racing for puzzle pieces that rotate to spell a phrase. I'm not sure what the tough part is. Untying the pieces? Running? Solving? It seems pretty even...lots of running, untying, the red team is slightly ahead...but then Sydney has some trouble...(hmm, good editing...) the black team is slightly ahead...the solving proves to be difficult! The black team finally win! (Gosh, today at work felt like a Survivor challenge!)

Tribal should be very interesting for the red team...who will get sent home?!
They deliberate, they are all feeling vulnerable, but Sandy and Sydney seem to be the people who are talked about most. Taj says Sydney should go, the boys aren't sure. Stephen thinks Sydney might be devious - though she IS good looking. Sydney feels like she's gotten on the good "sides" of people and hopes this will help her.

At Tribal, Jeff talks to Sandy about how she's survived.
Awww, Sydney's been wearing JT's boxer shorts, cause "it's hot out there."
She discusses her tendency to flirt.
Taj says that Sydney will use her flirting to make alliances and it's okay with her, but Jeff doesn't buy it. But we can't explore this topic for too long as it's time to vote.
And, who do they send home? The pretty flirt or the old one?
The old one.
You aren't surprised, are you?
The way I see it, the flirt will fly under the radar and coast till the end or annoy people quickly and go home.
You aren't surprised, are you?


Anonymous said…
That night time bra wearing thing sent me into a fit of giggles.

I had to pipe up during the show, "Sandy's breast look a lot younger than her face, no?" None of my boys would admit they'd noticed, but I'm not buying that.

blackbird said…
I would absolutely agree!
Grandma Cebe said…
The only surprise was that the black team actually won a challenge and didn't go to Tribal Council.

I noticed the same thing about Sandy's breasts.
Jbhat said…
I officially have a crush on JT. I might need to borrow his boxers when it gets hot here.

Poor Sandy--although I laughed when she said that if Sydney was going to get them with her beauty, that Sandy would try to get them with her brains. Um, wasn't she the idiot who kept yelling "What's a pace?! If only I could figure out what a pace is!" I don't think so, Sandy!
Anonymous said…
How is it possible that none of Middle's photos made this post???

I'm just asking.
blackbird said…
Middle hasn't given me any photos yet - too busy shooting.
Michelle said…
ERIN...LOL..I WAS SERIOUSLY thinking they were holding up well too..wasnt going to draw attention to it though.

You did a good wrap up...I had forgotten about the flirting thing when I did mine.

I mentioned Rupert in mine...a lot. I sure do miss Rupie. JT is NO Rupert.

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