Survivor, the ACCEPTED TO COLLEGE edition

We gathered around bowls of pasta and sausage (thanks Ma!) and took pictures of The Person Who Was Accepted To College eating. He promises to buy me a sticker for my car, a tee shirt and a hat with the name of the school on them. Do art schools have basketball teams? Remind me to tell him that he has to make an appointment for K to see the school asap.

And what about Survivor? Well...

Brendan, Sierra, Taj and Steve have an alliance. Yes - two teams, one alliance. Brendan has the Immunity Idol and Sandy went home.
The tribes are dead-even at six each.

It's day 13. Taj has terrible itches and Steve is scratching. They go off for a walk and have a look for the Immunity Idol - AND FIND IT.
Steve tells us it's his as Taj has given it to him to hide. (She had no pockets.)

At the black camp Sierra is plotting with Brendan - or, more accurately, complaining that Brendan didn't tell her the plan. It doesn't matter though, she and Brendan are tight. She's proud of herself.

Time for a challenge. (Remind me to wear a dress when I'm on Survivor, okay?) It's the classic "make some one dizzy and then walk the plank" challenge. The reward? Coffee and toilet paper.
Nuff said. The first round is dizzy Tyson vs. dizzy Taj. Tyson wins.
Second round: Spencer vs. Erinn. Spencer wins.
The teams are tied.
Next: JT vs. Sierra. Sierra has an early lead...but falls. JT wins.
Finally: Sydney vs. Debra. Two blondes! I barely know them. Sydney wins for the red team.
Brendan goes to Exile and chooses Steven to go with him.
Tyson is suspicious of Brendan's contact with the other tribe.

I will refrain from making toilet paper/coffee jokes at this juncture. You're welcome. Fortunately, the winning team, while drinking coffee and, uh, using the loo, get letters from home. Everyone cries and reads their letters. The music swells...the water flows....

But at the black team's camp (where everyone is color-coordinated) they speculate on Brendan's behavior. Coach is worried about a merge and where it will leave him. Symbolically, the WIND SHIFTS. Nice special effects. Erinn thinks Coach is a jackass.

At Exile, Brendan gets Steve up to speed with the whole special alliance gig. Steve tells Brendan that he has an idol. Steve is wary.

I missed a conversation between Spencer and some blonde...but it's time for another challenge. Oh, wait, I think Spencer just came out.
He's worried about what the guys will think of him so he's keeping it a secret.
The challenge involves launching and catching balls with a slingshot on a wet beach.
JT loses a tooth! Jeff halts competition and retrieves the tooth.
The black team win.
The only thing Jeff has for the red team IS A TOOTH.
JT says that Spencer has got to go.

I'm excited because I'm starting to know people's names, but now the guys all have beards.

Taj is annoyed. People are injured. Taj is fired up. She has a little set-to with Joe. Joe thinks maybe she should go home and Steve struggles to figure out what to do. Spencer is worried. JT is unintelligable.

Time to vote.
Spencer explains that his performance in the challenge was pathetic.
Taj explains why she is frustrated and talks about how she could be next to go home and tells her team that she does not have the Idol.
But would Stephen give it to her in a pinch? Or would he vote her off?
We won't find out - Spencer goes home.


Miz S said…
Crimony! I missed the big announcement and had to find out about it in the Survivor post! And I don't even watch Survivor!

Anonymous said…
My crush on JT is getting worse. He looks like Jude Law from Cold Mountain, when he was all bearded. I was swooning over the way he caught those catapulted balls, and then in the depths of despair when I thought he lost a tooth on that rough catch. Would I be able to love a man missing a front tooth? Thank goodness I don't have to find out, since it was just a chip.

Lauri said…
Congratulations Middle - great job!!
Fannie said…
Well done Middle!
Anonymous said…
What a great week! I know I did not allow my mother to put a sticker on her car when I went to college, but when N got in, I insisted on a sticker and I got a sweatshirt, too, which I have been known to wear to the grocery store (where I have met other mothers in similar sweatshirts.) Go for it! Congratulations.
Badger said…
How many weeks are we into this season? Because I still don't feel like I know anybody. Except Coach, who IS a jackass.

Lemme know if you need me to start translating JT for you. I speak Southern.
Mary said…
As you know this has been a bit of a lost week for me but I cannot tell you how much this news for Middle - Middle, College!!!! - has given me a lift.

Congratulations and a big kiss Middle from one of your Australian Aunts!
Anonymous said…
May I just say that knowing that Middle has been accepted into the school of his choice (art school! yay!) is something that makes me smile every time I think of it.

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