shoes I am slightly obsessed with


Look at these.
Timberland. Men's. I adore them. If only my feet were slightly larger (6.5) I'd certainly buy them. If I won the lottery. Gorgeous.

thongs that look like thongs

What about these? Cheap at $78, they are jersey cloth. But, then, I think about them more and wonder what you call sandals with a slip of something between your toes...oh, right, thongs. Made of jersey? Somehow they suddenly, in my mind, become underwear thongs - and NOW? THAT'S ALL I CAN SEE. UNDERWEAR ON MY FEET. BETWEEN MY TOES.

weird <span class=

I don't know how I came across these weird baby socks that look like shoes but I don't like them.

You know, my new grey shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell, and, when I search for other shoes he does, I pretty much love EVERYTHING.
Well priced and fun, I find myself smitten by these

J Campbell rain boot

because why CAN'T rain boots be sleek and trim?

And, though I couldn't wear them

Jeffrey Campbell

these are wonderful and unexpected.
Go and google him/his shoes. Great stuff, nicely priced.

On the other hand -

cute shoe

I find these appealing too. I need a pair of tan spring/summer shoes and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in sandals.

More on this later.


Anonymous said…
I always like shoes on other people, but standing alone? I never see their potential.
I hate shoes for many reasons.
But I would like 2 pairs of the patagonia, 1 black and 1 brown. They'd be perfect for work.
Poppy Buxom said…
Oh sheesh, half of that stuff looks like the kind of German-looking whole-wheat footwear I'm always falling over.

In other words, Mr. Buxom would love them. Everywhere but on his feet. And he would leave them all over the place. And I would get so aggravated, I'd have to go upstairs and soothe myself by gloating over my collection of three-inch stilettos.
Badger said…
You are not allowed to make fun of my ugly shoes ever again. Not that I can remember you actually doing that. But still. FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.
Jbhat said…
Why couldn't you wear those fabulous heels? They look so comfortable too.

Thong undies on the feet is cracking me up.
barbra said…
Her heels look weird in those high-heeled shoes. Is it just me?
Wendy said…
I hate those lace up heel-less bootie things with every fiber of my being.

The timberlands would look very nice on Chris though. And he needs some new casual clothes.
Anonymous said…
Those baby sock thongs look like the shoes you buy for a dog, providing you want your dog to look really stupid. They're really kinda creepy.
Anonymous said…
patagonia shoes are made by merrell.

skip em.

Duyvken said…
Dear Lord, those rain boots are awful! But all is forgiven because that first pair of men's shoes are just divine.
Anonymous said…
I am guessing that the Timberland men's shoes, if well cared for, would last for years and years. The jersey thongs? Landfill in six months, right next to the open-toe, high-heeled, lace-up numbers. The Patagonias could last for a few years, although nowhere near as long as the Timberlands. Women's shoes = planned obsolescence. Ugh.
Unknown said…
Your pictures riding the train takes me back...i miss those days but then i don't miss those on business when I am in New Jersey or in Chicago i'll take the train but its never during rush hour. Still, it was good to go back. Thanks! Happy Spring (almost)

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