overheard, and noted, on Sunday

Middle: I play for keeps.

bb: What do you play?

(after a long pause) Pogs.


The radio:
It was all sackcloth and ashes at the runway shows in Milan....


bb: I think I might just have to let my hair be white, because, if I have white hair it will make my face look younger.

No, I don't think you're quite old enough for that yet.

But, since I don't have a lot of wrinkles, I'll look YOUNGER with white hair.

White hair associated with Old Age, Not Young Face.

(Middle then explains that he is speaking in a combination of LOLcats and Native American.)


Lola: You'll just forget about me if I don't stay right here.

How could I forget about you? you're the only person I know...

It's not like I'm that guy in Momento, I have amnesia, he had just had to explain that he didn't have amnesia all the time...it's really confusing, I know, have ya seen that movie? It's good, it's not really as good as this one, but it's good....


Youngest: Nacho cheese Doritos?! And Coke?! It's the perfect meal.


Kristin said…
I had a similar (age) conversation with my middle child... I suggested adding somewhere between 5 and 7 years to my age at which point people would exclaim, "Wow, you look great!"

And then Jack pointed out that they might not...
Anonymous said…
This is great stuff--I love quote posts. The quip about Fashion Week is terrific--LOLcats and Native American--no YodaSpeak?
Jbhat said…
My ESL ps-in-law constantly drop articles, such as the, a and an. I will have to laugh to myself now, thinking that they sound like Middle-LOLcat-Native Americans.
Anonymous said…
I love Memento! Guy Pearce is hot :)
Anonymous said…
I too am fretting about the "to be grey or not.." dilemma.
For what it is worth from someone who has been reading your blog for almost 2 years and only having repsonded 1x (when you smoked a cigarette and felt a bit of guilt) I (right this second) am agreeing with middle. Today I just had the grey covered but each time I am getting closer to letting it all go. Have you noticed more ads with grey-haired women in them of late?!
Ps. Love your blog.
Lurking friend (who one of these days will be sprorting an extremely short bi-colored hair-do.
smalltownme said…
POGS -- so 90s. My son collected them for a brief instant in time.

I just had my gray covered up.
I had the grey for YEARS, then I colored it again about 6 weeks ago. Today, one of my bosses tells me she likes my hair grey. NOW she tells me!
RW said…
This is my dilemma too - I think I will just feel even more tired if I have grey hair....so I continue to cover it.
Paula said…
The trick with grey is, all your hair has to be white (or grey) but not a mix of your natural color and grey or it just looks bad. And sad. I know this to be true.

I'm coloring all but the HUGE white streak in the front. One day when it's all white (which is not that far off), I will let it go, but for now, not.
Anonymous said…
My twin sister's hair is nearly all grey. She's never colored her hair and loves it natural. I've been coloring my hair for years now. It's strange when we're together. I look at her, and see what I would look like now. Still not ready to let go yet...

PS-your quotes are most excellent.

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