my long-awaited Gap post

Perhaps I exaggerate. (My family would spit at this - I ALWAYS exaggerate.) Maybe you haven't been on the edge of your chair waiting for me to write about the Gap.
I have been tempted by the spring things from J Crew, it's true, but I walked through the Gap last Friday and saw lots of things I liked, priced between Old Navy and J Crew, and tried some things on and bought some of them....


Not this, though, Gap people. What are they thinking, those Gap people? I cannot imagine anyone looking good in this expensive little vest. (That's a charming sentence, isn't it?)

This little dress, however?

Gap dress

This little dress caught my eye and I bought it, in black and grey. $58.00 and I reckon it will look pretty good with black leggings and my new grey shoes. I even wore it over a turtleneck and liked seems to be a knock-off of this dress:

other dress

Terrific, huh?
And, speaking of knock-offs, doesn't that site look like Anthro?

And, can ANYONE possibly look like this?

no. just no.

And wear these? NO, I say. NO.

I tried this bra on, at the Gap.


Horrible. Really - a product of modern science with its bizarre adhesive-like cups and strange straps. I'm extra annoyed as the model in the photo obviously doesn't NEED to wear a bra.
I'm still not ready to write an underwear post - it's a mine-field, the underwear post, and I don't know who reads this anymore.

This blouse

Gap blouse

is poorly cut and oddly sized in real life. It's transparent as well. You know how I feel about that. (Imagine a buzzer sound, as when you get the wrong answer on a game show.) Nice color, though. In fact, it's a nice color that I cannot possibly name. Griege, my mother would say. Pewter?

I would, if I were you, and I had money for such things, rush right over to the Gap and get one of these (at the high end)

soft leather Gap bag

deliciously soft, buttery bags. They are not cheap ($200) but not horribly expensive either (you've read about $1500 bags, yes?) and the leather is really amazingly beautiful. I am wondering if the color is practical. I don't know - YOU buy one and report back about how it wears.

On the other end of the price spectrum ($20) is this:

Gap tote

which is available in a multitude of colors and patterns. Much more my speed, it includes that little purse to put your rail ticket in. Sadly, I'm looking for a cross-body bag in canvas. Let me know if you see one you think I should look at. Velcro closures are not acceptable, okay?

I bought the dresses, I got a belt for me and one for Middle and was enthralled by the cashier, who called me Chickie. She had a purring accent and talked me into a Gap card which I will probably tear up next month. I got a nice discount on my purchases and went home and ordered some other things I hadn't had time to try on in the store and saved more money (some capris and leggings and a couple of hoodies for Youngest).

I'll still need a couple of skirts and, maybe, some tops - but I've made a dent in the spring wardrobe.
Meanwhile, there's eight inches of snow outside.


Anonymous said…
I don't know if this is what you're looking for in a canvas cross-body bag, but you might try here: I know, I know, HEMP, but I have two and they're great.
mizz_b said…
Would this bag work for you? My husband gave me one for Christmas, and although I was intimidated by all the pockets at first, I've come to love and appreciate them.
Jbhat said…
What, no Anthropologie? Acutally, maybe their stuff is not very office-y. But hey, neither is Free People, and look at those shoes you scored.

And ugh, it's SO ANNOYING when garments aren't made well.
Soft Rock Mama said…
Eewwwww 'adhesive-like cups'. That does not sound right, let alone the icky-sticky feeling. Blech. Do ladies really have trouble with bra's slipping off/up that this is needed? Really.
I look forward to the underware post.

If you want, you could send that snow my way - head it west.
Anonymous said…
I used to like the Gap. Now it seems to require too many supporting elements--the same reason I can't buy anything at Banana Republic--nothing I own would GO with it.
Liz said…
I you shop a lot at gap, old navy and banana, gap card is actually quite good. You receive a $10 card for every $$ you buy. I get it quite often as I get my kids' clothes from gap a lot. :P
Julie said…
BB- Love the post.... I may or may not work for the company in question... have we talked about this yet?


And I know we have discussed vests before... and we have disagreed. But this one I agree with. It's too short and any woman with any chest does not fit into it.
Unknown said…
It's not canvas, but this is the bag I got in November to replace my well-worn work bag when the zipper broke for the third time.

It's a great size, fits a lot without being too bulky, durable and well-priced. Just thought I pass it along as a suggestion, since I L-O-V-E mine!!
Duyvken said…
Fantastic shopping trip, BB. And, in the current economic environment you can legitimately claim to be doing your bit for the economy. I LOVE the grey shoes you bought, btw, did I mention that already? I'm looking out for a similar pair here in Sydney.
Anonymous said…
My #2 son got himself a cross-body bag that fastens with the same kind of buckle as is on an automotive seat belt. I suspect that is not what you are looking for (although he has been thrilled with his bag for months).
Badger said…
Um, dude? We busty gals cannot buy bras in the Gap. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

I lurve the dress, though. Even though I don't wear dresses.
Anonymous said…
Hey, let's have a liitle love grab for small breated gals. We have issues too. And yes, we wear bras because wardrobe malfulctions can happen to anyone.
Amy A. said…
I don't know what to do about spring. What will I do when I can no longer wear tights or boots? Can I go bare legged if the skirt is long enough? Your advice, please.
Anonymous said…
I have never in my life heard or read the word griege. I shall work it into conversation as soon as possible. Love it.

Great dress!

Anonymous said…
Those are some seriously photo-shopped legs in those shorts. If they are natural then her father is a giraffe and that's not natural at all!
Mary said…

As we have discussed I do believe tunics are absolutely the way to go.
Miz S said…
Could you do a picture of yourself when you wear the black dress/tunic with the leggings and the gray shoes? I don't know how to do that. That's a look I would like to cultivate.

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