I would venture to say that shopping in the world of mattress pads is nearly as complicated as underwear shopping. I've done on-line research, I've been to Blood Bath and Beyond and Target and Costco (with Middle! on a Saturday! WHAT WERE WE THINKING?) and finally ended up at Ikea with Youngest.
As you may remember, it was Youngest who was in search of a softer bed....
In the meantime, G had asked me to check out recliners - so, with that in mind, and a yen for cinnamon buns, Youngest and I set out.

<span class=

You really need two cinnamon buns to properly judge the comfort of a chair.


One sweet treat later, he was very unhappy with this chair.


Couldn't make it RECLINE.

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Ugly. Hard. Expensive.


Youngest votes for the giant plum-colored sectional.

nice outfit

She looked FABULOUS, but her daughter was on to me. Me and my kinnearing.

my weekend house

That's my weekend house. On the beach. It has dozens of bedrooms so feel free to invite yourself for a couple of days.

closet of my dreams

The closet of my dreams. My RL closet is minuscule.

When Oldest was a baby, K and I drove two and a half hours to the nearest Ikea for bedroom furniture. No one knew about Ikea - it was a new concept. We bought two tall dressers, a desk a book case and two short dressers and packed it all into our Honda with just enough room for tiny Oldest in his car seat. We re-named him Plinth, because we had never heard of one. The furniture has served us well but several of the drawers are being held together with duct tape and, after 22 years, I'm kind of tired of looking at it all.

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The problem of the uncomfortable bed was easily solved.

chalk outline pose

And I bought a cheap picture for over the fireplace.

Picture 2

What's especially funny about me purchasing this particular picture for over the fireplace is this:


one of the first photos Middle has uploaded to his new flickr account this morning. Its title? Typical.



Sinda said…
That coffee table? In your beach house photo? We bought that, at Ikea, on the way home from the beach one year. Clearly, we were delusional, as we do NOT live on the beach. We finally sold it on Craiglist and got a much more suitable table. I think I blogged it.

It looks great in beach house clothing, though!
Julie Bradshaw said…
I have the first chair photographed and love it for reading and writing (when I don't feel like writing at a desk), though it's not very curl-up-able. Very comfy for general sitting and chatting, though.
Anonymous said…
Heh. You said kinnearing. Hats off to Youngest for keeping his cinnamon bun sticky fingers off the furniture -- you trained him well. Congrats to you and Youngest on finding the perfect solution to the too-hard bed.
barbra said…
IKEA sure has changed since my man and I started going there in 1991. More styles, just to name one way.

We finally bid adieu to some of the first furniture we bought there - the drawers were not, shall we say, "holding together" anymore. We had so much cheap IKEA to start us off that we dreamed "someday, we'll have only non-IKEA furniture!" We are not there yet.
Poppy Buxom said…
The only time we went to Ikea it was to buy stuff we'd just admired at a friend's. Every single piece we wanted was out of stock. To make up for the long drive there (with two kids in a double stroller) I bought a kids' play table. And a nightlight. I felt I HAD to buy something.

I think the Swedish lunch was the best part.
Anonymous said…
I am going to IKEA (1 and half hrs drive) tomorrow!!! Yes, mostly for the food and food shop.
Anonymous said…
Cool that Middle has his own new flickr account.

RW said…
I nearly went to Ikea yesterday - had a small detour after a baby shower... but it was snowing and I decided I best just head home.

I saved a ton of money. I know I did.
Anonymous said…
It's good to know that Ikea lasts a long while--I've never bought actual furniture from them, just "accessories" and "storage."
Allison said…
I just discovered IKEA a few months ago and was relatively pleased with the construction of a piece of furniture I bought--and was happy to note that it was made from sustainable wood.
Anonymous said…
I think I've broken all Ikea visiting records recently with three visits in one week. What??? I love Ikea!!!

PS-When we first got married, our dining table was from Ikea--it cost us $65--which felt like a lot. We sanded it and stained it, and made it look presentable. Now it's the kids' computer table. It's been with us for the last 15 years. I'd say we got our money's worth.
The Coffee Lady said…
Ikea is the only place where Mr Coffee and I are ever alone during the day, because the in-laws live right near one, so we visit and dump the children and run off.

(evil laugh)
Duyvken said…
I love that pinwheel rug in the bedroom photo. Love it!
And LOL about the photo, I love what he named it.
Anonymous said…
I had that chair in the first photo also! I loved the way it "rocked" but I was always afraid that if I ate too many pancakes I'd break it. I bought it at Scandinavian Design. Way too expensive! We don't have an Ikea here buy I've been to their web site.
Here's a cute story. I was watching the movie Billy Elliot and had some questions. I went ask.com and one of the sites I was directed to was the blog of a Scandinavian guy going to school in England - Durham, like in the movie. He just went to Ikea, in Durham, last week. He got terribly homesick, awww. Check him out, he's funny

My secret word was "buntmam"
Anonymous said…
I love the cheery Ikea rooms that look like your beach house. Each time I see one, I sigh and think, one day, I will have light furniture, and light walls, and neither will have dog hair or fingerprints on them. It's nice to dream.

Magpie said…
It is impossible to hear the word "plinth" without thinking Ikea.

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