A few things I'm presently fond of:

junk food

These aren't easy on the teeth, and don't tell me they aren't "healthy" - I don't want to know. They are perfect when one discovers one should have eaten a little something when taking their decongestant on the way to work. I am aware of the fact that the wrapper makes an unfortunate crinkling noise on the train and endeavor to open it as quickly as possible.


A silly thing, really, but our telephone drove me crazy and I bought a new one. The old one rattled, had an odd ring tone, had been dropped countless times rendering its performance wonky and had a layer of filth on it unreachable with toothpicks and cotton swabs (obsessive much?). Youngest chose this one.


I am sure these aren't especially "green", but I am completely addicted to them. I've always used rags with spray or spritz chemicals and, somehow, this has always made cleaning more of a production. These pop-up wipe things are so handy I find myself reaching for them all the time, making it much easier to do touch-ups in the bathroom or kitchen. Before you think too badly of me for purchasing them I will tell you that I will probably not have an opportunity to replace them for a year or so.


As my sweet-tooth continues to wane I'm finding the school-lunch sized bags of these chips are the perfect snack...followed by -

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Chewy, licorice-y!
Breath mints?
Yeah, I don't get that part either. But they're good.


coloring agent

YOU suggested. I listened.



KPB said…

You're eating on the train now?

What's next, make-up application? Painting your nails?

Cool phone.

Duyvken bought me liquorice on Friday. I've hidden it in the cupboard so it's all mine.

What's with the hair colouring? I listened to an interview on the radio today with a journalist/author who decided to stop colouring her hair and what followed. Very interesting. I could sit here and say I am now not colouring my hair due to my feminist ethics. But really? Just can't afford it. And too chicken to do it at home on my own.
Natural Instincts-I'm giving that an "I told you so!"

Those granola bars? I cracked a tooth.
smalltownme said…
I'm partial to the fruit 'n' nut version myself...chewy, though. I'm working my way through a big box from Costco.
Anonymous said…
You had me at granola bars and lost me at licorice.
MsCellania said…
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Anonymous said…
Mm, I love the Nature Valley granola bars too. My faves are the Peanut Butter and the Maple and Brown Sugar. And I don't dare to look at the "nutritional" information either.

Good to know about the hair color. I'm getting there.

Chris said…
Funny thing, since my husband lost his job and our insurance, I am very careful about what we eat. Nothing crunchy, nothing chewy. That rules out granola bars and licorice. we eat mostly soup and crackers soaked in milk for at least 6 hours, oh and canned frosting for dessert.
(ya know I am mostly kidding, mostly).
Amy A. said…
Is that the color you chose, too? I like it.

Whenever I use anything else besides Natural Instincts I almost have a panic attack and think that all my hair will fall out.

It really is a nice product.
MsCellania said…
Oh, I also do not wet my hair *gasp* when I use the product. I reckon that changes it to Level 2.5 v. a 2 - rinse out fast. And, I don't wash my hair for at least 24 hours.
Anonymous said…
Also? I fussed at Spouse for about two months for buying those wipes. Then I broke down and used them. Now I keep a stash. They are da best in the kitchen. If only I could train the males to use them in our loo...
Sarah said…
Go ahead and eat granola bars on the train. Hey, I used to be one of those people who applied makeup on the train. I figure both are FAR less obnoxious than coughing, sniffling, sneezing and blowing noses on trains, common to those who complain about neatly snacking and patting a little color on one's face.

Thank you for reading my soapbox rant.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure how you have time to search for and upload snazzy little visuals to go along with your posts, but I certainly admire you for it. My daughters think I'm too much of a slacker to maintain a blog (which apparently I am).
Anonymous said…
Do you love it? I really wanted to love it. I even expected to love it. It coloured the already coloured part of my hair beautifully. Rich, shiny, radiant colour! Sadly, my roots are still white. I think I'm going to have to go back to my tried and true, because, hey, I'm worth it.

Chewy licorice mints? I will keep my eyes out for them!

Jennifer said…
Oh man... now I'm going to have that saying in my head all day.



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