what I won't be wearing this spring

Have I mentioned that I'll need to purchase a spring wardrobe?
I'm mentioning it.
Not only did I drop a stone (actually, I have no clue how much a stone is - I just wanted to throw that out there...I've lost about ten pounds) but I only really own spring/summer clothing suitable for the supermarket. My point is: I'm starting to think about what I'd like to wear to work this spring and where I'll go shopping.
It would appear that I will not be visiting Old Navy.

wear to work

Wear to work?

the farmer and the cowboy should be friends

Gazing upon this ensemble, I can ONLY sing: oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends.
What are they thinking? It's so...uh, vesty.


I have three big problems with this:

1. It's a poorly executed knock-off of a J Crew shirt.
2. It's pink.I can't pull off pink.
3. Were you pregnant in the 80's? I was pregnant in the 80's and THIS is a 1980's maternity blouse.


I'm awfully pleased to work in an industry wherein I don't have to wear stuff like this. And, as stuff like this goes, these are kind of ugly. BUT they have quite a selection of stuff like this and if YOU must dress this formally at your job you should head right over there. And I'm sorry.

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Then again, my industry is not informal enough for these either. And I'm still not sure how I feel about sandals in the office - though I have a feeling that I'll see quite a few of them. I might even wear sneakers to the office on a hot day. I don't know...I'm still thinking about it.

sheer isn't always good

Sheer isn't always good. If it is TRANSPARENT then one is (I am) forced to wear something UNDER it. Two layers? 90 degrees? HOT. Cheap and cute, though. Order it in the gingham, slip the vest over it and hit the SQUARE DANCE.

the maxi dress

Ah, the maxi dress. You wear a maxi dress to an outdoor cocktail party on a balmy evening in July, right? I don't go to many of those. Plus, I am mini. Plus, I have issues with so much, um, upper body exposure.


I don't have a problem with leggings. I like leggings with a tunic and flats, I like leggings with a tee shirt and skirt and I like leggings under a slightly sheer long dress that your friend brought you from Italy. But leggings are not PANTS. In my world, leggings are not paired with a tee shirt and flats and worn to work. I saw it last fall and if I see it this spring I'm going to have a hard time containing myself. Or restraining myself. Or something. If I'm not mistaken, I saw someone AT MY OFFICE wearing TIGHTS AS PANTS last fall. I am anxious to see if she returns.

These fashions I won't be wearing are all courtesy of Old Navy.
I do not disparage Old Navy, in fact, they have many wonderful items at great prices.
Alas, they don't have much for me to wear to my job.

Carry on.


Anonymous said…
I believe a stone is 6.5 kg or 14 lbs. So there you go. I always liked this saying too.
I don't know what you'll wear this spring but I sense it'll be fashionable and with your personal touch, as usual.
Aiah said…
Yep, 14 pounds. I would go on saying it if I were you!

Oh and uh...you haven't been in our office in the summer yet, I don't think, but you might actually be glad of an extra layer or so. The temperature remains immoderate year round.

And lastly, I am so visiting you in my gingham shirt and vest.
Badger said…
I wasn't pregnant in the 80s, but I STILL had that shirt. Only mine was blue & white and had short, puffy sleeves. Egads.
RW said…
shopping for spring sounds fun.
I am going to need a few pieces myself.. so I am looking to you for some good tips.
Anonymous said…
I am right there with you not wearing any of that stuff to work. But I do look forward to what you WILL wear -- you will share that with us, won't you? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear. Fashion don'ts for me, every last one of them.
KPB said…
I have been pining for one of these posts from you. You know, that green shirt would almost be nice if not transparent. WTF with a transparent shirt?
Allison said…
Laughing my butt off--hopefully about a stone's worth!
Anonymous said…
While I'm offended by the tiny vest and un-tucked shirt combo, it's the blazers that really make me weep.
Anonymous said…
I will be shopping in the maternity section this year for my spring clothes. What do you think of that? (And not because I have gained a stone or two!)

Mrs. G. said…
What is it with all the smock/maternity wear on the racks these days.

I live in fear that someone is going to ask me when I'm due.
Julie said…
oooooh burn.
I have that vest... and I love it..
But it's not for everyone ;)
darah said…
ugh. I saw someone wearing tights as pants at the grocery store yesterday. I realize I'm in Iowa and we can sometimes be a bit behind on the trends, but man. It was awful. Even when we all wore leggings in the 80s we had the decency to wear aforementioned maternityesque pink button down shirts over them which covered the inappropriate bits.
Anonymous said…
I always wish I could whip a steamer out of my purse and get the wrinkles out of Old Navy. I don't know a store with more.

Anonymous said…
As always your advice is sound, especially in regard to leggings.
The Coffee Lady said…
leggings make my legs feel weird. Really. I thought I had a neurological disorder.
Mary said…
Like others I too am keen to see what you do come up with for Spring.

I have discovered a dressmaker from whom I intend to order several tunics - probably in black, charcoal and grey, under which I will wear leggings and flats and crisp white shirts.

Since I need to be planning for autumn/winter.