watched with meatloaf

and (this is the clean version)

It fascinates me that my boys can appreciate Marvin Gaye AND T-Pain.
In the same breath they were anxious to hear more of Marvin and show me the video on the boat. I barely got the irony of the I'm On A Boat video...I sort of knew that rap stars rap about mundane things like their cars or women, but I had to stretch a little to get it.

I had the BEST Cuban sandwich yesterday. I was TREATED to the best Cuban sandwich. Have you had one? The cheese was very melty.

To recap.
Meatloaf and Cuban sandwich.
(Funny thing about the meatloaf: I mixed it together at six in the morning [not easy] and stowed it in the fridge. I called Middle and asked him to take it out of the fridge at 5:45 and pre-heat the oven. I further instructed him to put it IN the oven at 6:00 and put a pot of water on the stove to boil. I came home to: oven heated. Cold meatloaf on the counter and water boiling.)


KPB said…
I don't know what a Cuban sandwich is but that you were treated to one and it involves the word melty means it must be good.

That just endears Middle to me even more.

Killing you with a tray.
Allison said…
I so
could not,



mix meatloaf that early in the morning.

LOL I can barely read about mixing it and it is 7:45am.

Middle is the BEST. Were you smiling when you learned the dinner situation?
NorahS said…
Close, very close!

Sounds like a yummy food day.
In The Sunshine State, there are discussions at work about which place makes the best Cuban sandwiches. I listen to the actual Cubans.
Fannie said…
I'm smiling because Middle likely looked RIGHT AT THE MEATLOAF more than once while filling the pot and placing it on the stove.
Anonymous said…
His mind was on his money and his money on his mind. But what did you have for dinner? Or did you toss it in anyway and wait it out?

Anonymous said…
So did you eat tea and cannibal sandwiches? (That's what they call raw meat here--gross, eh?)
MsCellania said…
Now you know he's good for THREE STEP'S worth of instructions.
Good to know.
Give him a big hug. THREE steps are great! We're still repeating T.W.O. step instructions here.
MsCellania said…
I thought you meant the dude meatloaf.
Well, He COULD be in Tuvalu, at your very house.
wv is hucho, which kind of goes with your Cubano sandwich.
willam said…
ha. you're lucky the meatloaf wasn't in the boiling water
Duyvken said…
I love middle's work, he ALMOST had it! I've never had a cuban sandwich, I've never even heard of a cuban sandwich. What's in it?
Mary said…
Yes what is a cuban sandwich?

And your recipe for meatloaf
Stephanie said…
2 outta 3 ain't bad.

it's pretty cute, actually. :)
Anonymous said…
Missed this post yesterday so commenting late. I really like Marvin Gaye and that song especially. Oh middle, I can relate as our youngest would do the exact same.