Tuesday Wednesday

It’s Fat Tuesday! a woman in my office proclaimed as she put a big bag of chips on the conference table.
I’d been invited to order lunch with a group of women at the office and was pleased to be there.
I wasn't the newest hiree in the bunch either and that made me happy. The newbie and I talked a bit about that hesitation in our movements the first few days at the job – how it governed everything we did. We are glad to be done with that stage.
Fat Tuesday, it turned out, kicked my ass. K’s too. He got called onto a project late in the morning and took the scooter to the station (no parking for cars available after 7:30am) in 28 degrees. From there he worked until well past 11pm. His office had a Fat Tuesday garage sale and sold televisions and old Macs and shelving. Nothing went for more than $20. For a while he sent me photos of the goods and I could hear his excitement as he tried to decide if we needed anything.

Since I hadn’t realized that it was Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday took my by surprise...but in a nice way. Each year I am startled, then humbled when I see people with ash on their heads.
I rode the train with K (back to regular hours) and we talked a bit and read a bit. When we got off the train I saw a group of men standing in a circle. One had cash in his hand (folding money). There were about six of them and they looked very serious about what they were doing, and were standing under a stairwell. They had their coats over their arms and their cases and bags were on the floor around them. A drug deal? Black market goods? A card game. They were finishing their hand. CARDS, I said, out loud when I realized and the fellow next to me said, oh, I've always wondered what those guys were up to!

The subway was packed tight. I had to wait for a train to pass to be able to get on one going downtown. The conductor of the train I tried to get on stuck her head out the window and shook it woefully. No room. No moving. A human side to mass transit.
Finally, I was rewarded. I got on a train and stood near a young woman with lovely perfume and a wonderful outfit punctuated by a fine line of golden sequins. You wouldn't think this would work on the train at eight in the morning, but it did.
At my stop I followed her off the train and up the stairs - I lost track of her in the blazing sunlight (suddenly, I need sunglasses in the morning) or I would have "blackbirded" her.
Down the block to my cafe - and I found myself on line behind a woman with a gorgeous pale grey coat. The back of it was beautifully punctuated by pleats and folds and a belt with large buttons. I admired it and noticed that the woman wearing it was using crutches and wearing one UGG boot and one man's sneaker. Yes, she said as I looked down, they call me Man Foot.
She said it so matter-of-factly and was non-plussed so I didn't think much of it.
I went back out into the sunshine and nearly walked into the father and son on the bicycle. The dad was walking the bike (with the little boy on it) up the street.
Suddenly, everything came full circle. The morning had a rhythm I hadn't seen before and I fell into step.
I'm always looking for omens and portents and signs and the signs of Ash Wednesday all pointed to yes.


Amy A. said…
It sounds like one of those choreographed commercials where the lady walks down the street and everything just falls into place. Very romantic.
MsCellania said…
Oh, I enjoyed the journey following the link, too! I remember that post, seeing a slice of your daily new life.
Mary said…
It is as Amy A. said , like an advertisement - except better - because it is real.

That grey coat will stay with me.
Anonymous said…
I kept on reading and closing my eyes to picture it all.
Smooth and pleasant.
Eleanor said…
That is a CLASSIC blackbird post.
alice c said…
I had never heard of Fat Tuesday and when I started reading I had this vision of a complete day being devoted to eating chips across the nation. The extraordinary thing was that I did not question this image - it seemed eccentric but possible.

(so I felt VERY STUPID when I realised that it referred to Shrove Tuesday)
Stephanie said…
just lovely. thank you for sharing it.
Anonymous said…
I do not know why I didn't tell you this on your commute post that you linked to, but surreptitiously taking photos of people as you did is called Kinnearing. Look it up in Urban Dictionary; it's a hoot.
Anonymous said…
Ahhh. Thank you, bb.

Anonymous said…
Wow. I didn't realize how late it was and that everyone else had already arrived.

I see Mary, Eleanor, Alice, paola and kmkat are over there in the corner chatting together. Why are they laughing so much?

Need to go introduce myself to MsCellania, jbhat, Amy A. and Stephanie. They look nice.

Wait. Did we have a bb fan club meeting today? Aw, shoot. Sorry I'm late, guys. Won't let it happen again.

Yeah. This post was real good, bb. Real good.
Anonymous said…
This is vintage posting for you--selfishly, I'm glad you go out everyday to have adventures.
Our babysitter last night had the ash cross and I offered him a sub sandwish--did not know he couldn't eat meat on Ash Wednesday and I felt so bad...
Anonymous said…
You realize that I'm completely falling head over heels in love with you, right?
KPB said…
Ree, just stand in line. There's quite a queue of admirers.

Poor man foot.

I don't get Fat Tuesday. Is it a piss take at Shrove Tuesday - you know, that you've eaten so many pancakes that you get fat?

I found something so reassuring about those guys playing cards. I mean, CARDS! How remarkable.

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