It's week two.
I'm still here.
We're in Brazil, with the black tribe and the red tribe. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll learn the names, okay?
As one of my readers pointed out - this is one of the first times a chesty woman has been sent home this early.
The show opens with Sandy expressing her gratitude...but it sounds to me like Sandy will be next.

The next morning, the red tribe is looking for termites to eat - and they find them. We find it hard to believe that tiny insects are going to provide enough protein to sustain anyone, but THEN they find big yucky wormy things AND EAT THEM.

The black tribe is struggling to build a fire and they all look pretty terrible. We are on day two. How could people look so miserable already? Sierra finds hints for the immunity idol and works with some guy in his boxer shorts to look for it. They are interrupted by Debbie and tell her that they are building a fire pit on the beach. Then they argue about how to cook rice and beans. Coach and Candace have it out a little and then pretend to apologize to each other.

Back at Jalapeno (the red tribe!) they chat about how dirty they are and Taj confesses that she is married to a very famous football player and though you would think this would impress them, it convinces them that she doesn't need the money.

But there's no time contemplate that - it's pouring rain and there's a basketball challenge, in knee-deep water. The prize is fishing gear and the chance to send someone to Exile Island. There's some rough playing and people get thrown around. The black team take the lead for the all-women round. Taj is powerful but cannot make a point. Cindy scores for the red team. In the all-men round, the red team score again for a tie. In the final round, the red team win.
Brendan gets sent to Exile and is allowed to pick a member of the winning tribe to bring with him. He chooses Taj.

The red team return to camp to celebrate and fish. Of course "fishing" is complicated and JT is teaching Steve how to fish with a spear, but it "cements" their friendship.

I don't think Exile Island is really an island at all - but it sure is remote looking. Brazil seems to have it all: desert, beach,'s a diverse landscape. Brendan finds clues to the location of the idol and has to decide if he will share them and ALSO if he would like to switch teams. Taj convinces Brendan to share the clue (it doesn't take much) and she realizes that the idols are in their camps. The two of them bond and make a pact.

The black team enjoy their rice and beans and discuss their loss. Candace wants Coach to go but Coach thinks Candace should leave. Brendan returns and lies about his search for the idol. There is still discussion about who is leaving but Coach tells Sierra that he's voting for Candace and Candace is lobbying for Sierra - there's a little too much time at this end of the episode and I'm anxious for the vote.

Finally we get to Tribal Council for a little chat. Sierra and Candace and Coach each have something to say. Brendan tells us about Exile and the team seem to believe that Brendan doesn't know anything about the idol.
The vote?
Candace goes home. (Hey, that's two weeks in a row that the chesty one gets sent home.)


Badger said…
I know, with the boobs AGAIN! They're sending the hot, cute girls home first! This could be a really interesting season, yo.
Jennifer said…
I so enjoy your recaps :)
NorahS said…
Great recap. So glad Survivor is back!
Anonymous said…
Were they fake? Candace's? We were debating. I voted OF COURSE THEY ARE. And I'm glad they are gone. I mean I'm glad she is gone and that Sierra was given a chance. I like Sierra.

Unknown said…
Your recaps are *hands-down* the best thing about Survivor.

I don't intend to *ever* watch the actual show, as I don't think it could ever measure up to your wonderfully entertaining recaps.
Dani said…
You know I'm not here for Survivor...

Did you miss me? ;)
Amy A. said…
I think I would have liked Candace eventually. I'm glad Sierra is still there. For now.

Love the recap!
Anonymous said…
What jbhat said, word for word.
How did she do that?


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