Survivor, the recap

Have I mentioned my throat is kind of sore?
I don't think I've been especially healthy since I started working.

Night six!
Candace and her real/fake breasts was sent home.
Erinn is stunned.
Tell me who Erinn is?
Coach is insulted, but I don't understand why.

The next morning, people on the black tribe are sick and disillusioned.
I, meanwhile, fear that this is the episode wherein I listen to people talktalktalk as characters are developed. It's Jerry who has stomach issues. He's tough - but it's wearing on him. "Mother said there'd be days like this."

The red tribe is fishing, but they aren't very successful. We think they NEED TO MOVE TO DEEP WATER. They can't hear us. They do better with rods and have a barbecue.
The fish "tasted like victory."

C'MON IN GUYS. It's time for a challenge. Six members, blindfolded, will be guided to a water tower, then a corn tower to collect each and fill buckets. What they win is inconsequential - tarps? Never mind, blindfolds are interesting. Oh, the frustration! The black team is BLIND(folded). Which way is left? The red team does pretty well...and they win the water part of the challenge. The black team is "really blowing this challenge."
Red win. They send Brendan to Exile. He chooses Taj to go with him.
Spencer (special note to Dan) is not surprised.

The black team feel humiliated. Coach is suffering. From the humiliation. He feels people are panicking in the challenges. He wants Erinn out immediately. (Apparently, it is important to clean your teeth with a stick when you are on Survivor.) And who IS this guy who is Coach's assistant coach?

The red team is very pleased with themselves. Joe is thrilled. I'm thrilled that I know Joe's name.
Is Spencer walking around with a plate of fries?
They put the tarp they've won over their shelter just in time for a rain storm.

The black team is getting wetwetwet.

On Exile/at Exile, Brendan and Taj get another clue regarding the idol. I LOVE the place where Exile is. Gorgeous desert. They discuss where the idol is and come up with a plan and work together on who will go home from each of their teams. An interesting dynamic is built between these two opposing team members. It's a brilliant twist on the usual plot - having opposing team members go to exile together.

By the time we get to 8:32, I'm bored.
The red team has slept well as they have shelter...
Challenge number two: roll a giant crate to stack a staircase and spell the tribe name. I know it doesn't sound difficult, and it may not be. Is the thrill in the race? The awkwardness of rolling giant cubes? Beats me. Hmmm, maybe the cubes are heavy? Oh - getting the cubes to spell the name of the tribe is tricky. They need to build steps AND spell the name of the tribe.
The black tribe has some difficulty spelling. (Not that I even KNOW the names of the tribes.)
Suddenly, just as I'm talking to Middle about the beauty of Wheat Thins, Jalapo/Jalapeno/the red tribe win.
Boo hoo, the black team go to tribal.
Jerry feels it's his fault because he's WEAK. He's sure the tribe will vote him off...but, will they?

Back at camp, Jerry is sick as a dog. (How sick ARE dogs anyway?) Aren't we surprised at how the mighty have fallen? I am - I don't know about YOU. Everyone else is waist deep in water, discussing where they went wrong. Erinn decides Jerry must go and Coach is insulted again. Dyson? Is that the blond guy's name?
Coach is infuriated, but Sierra will not deviate from her vote for Jerry. Dyson (if that's his name) tries to support coach and tells him that no one is talking about voting him out.
Brendan goes to look for the idol...and finds it. He hides it and returns to camp.

Will they vote Jerry out? What about Erinn? Oh! The blond guy is TYSON. (Shut up.)
The black team discuss who should lead and who shouldn't. Coach does some talking. It doesn't go well. Erinn and he have a little set-to. Is Coach passive-aggressive? Looks like.
Jerry? Erinn? COACH?
Who goes?
Damn it.
Erinn looks smug.
I'm not happy.

Well, if there's one thing tonight's vote taught us: being sick sucks.


Anonymous said…

Work is most definitely NOT good for your health. God. I wish you'd asked beforehand. I would've told you that.


PS--I don't like that "Erinn." It's the extra "N" that really bugs me. Unnecessary.
Anonymous said…
Our friends didn't come over so it was just R and me watching. Not the same. But we decided Coach HAS TO GO. He's so obnoxious, and I can't believe the others didn't rally behind his back to blindside him out of there.

I have a crush on the country boy from the red team. JT? Cute cute cute. And second runner up for my affections is his buddy, the "anxious New York Jew." What a fun pair they make.

MsCellania said…
We actually watched this from 7:20 onward (me, 2 boys and 1 dog, in bed). The boys loved the challenges. We decided we might watch it every Thursday, since it's on so early here. I want to pinch that Coach guy's nose and tell him to piss off.
Badger said…
I was screaming "Tyson!" at you through this whole post. I choose to believe that's why you finally figured it out.

The conversation between him and Coach was HILARIOUS.

Coach: You're my second-in-command, guy. We just know. We don't even have to talk. Blah blah blah I love the sound of my own voice.

Tyson: picks his teeth and nods.

Coach is the tooliest tool who ever tooled. Guys like that are the reason why (a) I'm so glad I'm not single anymore and (b) my kids don't play team sports.

OMG, my word verification is "cingle". I KID YOU NOT. But seriously, if I had a dollar for every Coach who tried to hit on me in my 20s? I'd ... have some money, by golly.
witchypoo said…
I have to tell you that I depend on your survivor recaps because I don't often get to see it. Thank you.
Michelle said…
you forgot the awesome comment about spiders...see my blog. coach is a big thinker.

I'm bummed BUMMED about sarge...ERINN??????? HOW did they decide that?

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