Survivor, the new season

Are you excited? I'm excited.
Tuvalu is in the midst of a windstorm! Trees down all over the place. (I cannot help but think of our Australian friends, pray for our Australians - wind! It's NOTHING.)

Brazil! Soccer! Beaches! And now! Survivor!

Toe-can-cheese. Brutal. Isolated. Full of snakes and um, otters?
We hear everyones first impressions, and they aren't nice. Sierra has a sore throat.
Jalapenos and Timbiras. Possibly.
I'll go with Red and Black for now. (How could I not vote for black?)

They arrive in a dry dusty looking place in a very cool open truck.
They are given 60 seconds to gather supplies from the truck.

The black team gets all the good stuff.
It's a four hour walk to the camps. But FIRST there's a vote.
Nice twist.
The red team vote for Sandy. (The older blond woman.)
The black team vote for Sierra and her strep throat.

The teams set off for their camps.
It's 110 degrees and the red team is not sure they are walking in the right direction.
JT doesn't mind the heat or the walk. Stephen is "the anxious New York Jew."

The black team is trekking too. Erinn hasn't been camping since 7th grade. Jerry is in great shape and trying to stay low key. Coach takes a leadership role. He and Brendan bond. But Brendan is wary.

Sandy and Sierra arrive at their camps.
Sandy is very emotional after the vote but determined to make it. Sandy finds a note about a hidden immunity idol. She's still crying but she decides to look for it rather than setting up camp (which would endear her to the tribe).
At her camp, Sierra finds her note. She decides to build camp and change her tribe's opinion of her.

The red team make it to camp. Sandy has not found the idol - but hides the note. They are aggravated that she didn't make camp.
They have some watermelon.

The black team walk till after dark. Sierra has been working to make camp and they are appreciative of her efforts. She makes nice and they have a nice talk but some people still think she's the weak link.

The next morning, the red team is busy in their camp - building and feeling each other out. Sandy sneaks off to the beach to look for the idol again. She finds another clue, but she doesn't know what a "pace" is. The team is suspicious.

The black team is out of water. Tyson strips down for a swim. He gets them water.

First challenge: race across sand hills and through the river for puzzle tiles that build a staircase, solve a second puzzle and raise a flag.
The reward: fire and immunity.
The teams are pretty even in the running, but red start to lag. It's 120 degrees and people are struggling. The two people voted out lead the race for their teams. Red pull ahead. The puzzle is very difficult to navigate...a maze that a peg must be moved through.
Black pull ahead and win.

The red team return to camp and assess their shortcomings. And swim. Taj calls Carolina out on telling people what to do. Some of the team think Sandy should stay. Spencer pulls for her to stay. The men feel Carolina is equally expendable. Carolina (is that her name?) apologizes to Sandy for her vote earlier, but Sandy feels very vulnerable and goes off to look for the idol again.

At tribal council I notice how people's outfits have degraded. You can't be surprised to read this.
Who's going home? There's much discussion about Sandy and first impressions. Carolina admits that she needs to "check herself" before she speaks.
Who goes?
This pleases me.

Another season. This pleases me too.


RW said…
this will be the only survivor we get. I cancelled our cable vision - I tend to do that at least once a year. we have paid to have cable hooked up so many times. it is completely irrational behaviour. But, I get fed up with the TV.
Anonymous said…
I was torn between wanting to root for Sandy and wanting to strangle her. Is she that uneducated, really? To not know what a pace is? And to not be able to spot a lone palm tree? WTF? I am glad she was spared, but may regret it later. She grated on my nerves.

Good recap. Thanks!

Badger said…
I can't believe they voted out the girl with the big boobs first. That NEVER happens!
Grandma Cebe said…
Good recap. I was hoping that they would vote Sandy out. She is so annoying.
Amy A. said…
In previous seasons I felt like it took a good four or five weeks to know anyone, but this time I feel like they did a good job introducing us to everyone.

So glad it's survivor season!

ps. my wv is flutime. I hope that's not prophetic.
Mrs. G. said…
I'm excited! I felt really sorry for Sandy getting voted off right away--she can't help that she's older (I'm projecting, I know), but god love her...she is a little crazy.
alice c said…
Stay away from the freaky otters...that's all I'm saying.
Anonymous said…
They were EXTRA grubby looking by tribal, I thought. Sandy looked like she was on day thirty already!
It was a good start. How was the soup?

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the prayers for Australians, some of us have experienced fire, others floods, the effects of climate change is having an impact. We live on the edges of a vast continent with many extremes. Your Survivor logs are a welcome diversion.
Jennifer said…
I was happy that girl went. Couldn't stand her voice!
Michelle said…
YES< Jessica Rabbit, I called her on my blog.

I noticed the clothes too. What was up with that.

Looking forward to more Survivor discussions. Finally, a blogger who watches.
ThirdCat said…
I hope we're getting it to rummage through the schedules now

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