I never get used to the sound of the snow plows

They make a crashing noise when they lower the plow onto the pavement and it always startles me. Then there's the scraping noise of the plow as there probably isn't really enough snow to plow off our street.
Even though it's only Tuesday, I swear it feels like Thursday.
I left work early and took Youngest to the pulmonary doctor yesterday and, after waiting well over an hour to see her (which I am not complaining about as we were a "write in" appointment") we didn't get much good news. Dr. P says that 14 is a bad year for asthma - that lots of kids get worse when they are about 14 and it seems that may be true for Youngest. We want, very much, to avoid going back to so many medications - to use so many each day, but we may not have a choice. We are going to check him again at the end of the month.

Somehow, that whole working half a day, being a mom half a day thing wore me thin.
I think that's why I feel it should be Thursday.
I did two days yesterday.

This weekend I'm going to see my niece and nephew in their school play. Remember last year? I'm pretty excited.

Tired. But excited.

On to the next.


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