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Feast your eyes on microcars! I can't even decide which one I like best. Don't they look like insects? Cartoon insects? Cartoon insects with faces?

Last weekend I heard a wonderful little song by Alan Arkin. It's not available anywhere and I can't link to it, so you'll just have to read these lyrics and imagine the tune -

I like you/You don't make me nervous/I met someone like you before/But only once or twice, once or twice/And not very recently/ You'll do.

"My blood pressure's normal/I haven't lost no sleep at all/Not since Francine/And it's possible for me to concentrate on my work.

"I'm glad I'm not walking on air/And bells don't go off in my ear/ I don't say to myself, 'Get a hold of myself'/And I don't get a rash when you're near.

"You're trustworthy/And it wouldn't bother me a bit if I had to leave for a few weeks/You don't nag me for money all the time/And one thing I forgot/You're a very good cook/And I certainly love to eat.

I luff it.

One afternoon, not too long ago, I went with some work friends on a hot chocolate run. It was the kind of hot chocolate that you could almost eat.

hot chocolate

Plusplusplus, they put a square of homemade marshmallow on top. I had one bite. Couldn't take it. TOO RICH. Good, though.

meat cakes

Not cake!

<span class=


(With bacon sprinkles.)
My brother B entered a baking contest at his job - with meat cake. Similar to meat LOAF but iced with mashed potatoes.

Sure, we all KNOW it, but GOSH The Onion is awfully funny... all the time! I thought I'd remind you.

I haven't seen a copy of Woman's Day for many years - doctor's offices don't have magazines anymore. But look at this list! I wonder if there even is a paper version of WD.

We caught a little bit of Out Of Africa the other night.


Such hats.

of Africa

When I first saw Out Of Africa it was fashionable within my set of friends to make fun of Meryl Streep, with her accents and hair and hats.
Now that I am older, and I look again at the work she has done, I admire her.
I hadn't seen the film in a long long time and, while I remembered Robert Redford's fate and the fire, I had lost track of the nuances - the feeling of her empty home, being offered a drink at the club, her giving her servant the compass.
We watched about two hours of it, having come in 45 minutes into it and then I had one of those
cathartic sad-movie cries.

Is it me? I walk by a store that carries these every day and cannot imagine having them in my office. Distracting!


MEAT CAKE! My family would bow at my feet!

I have a hideous case od blog-block. After I looked at the WD list I realized I have MORE.
If I do it, I'll credit you for the prompt.
yes, they still sell WD in stores...pretty cheap, usually under $2.
Jennifer said…
I have a subscription to WD (I think it was a gift from my mom? I don't know. It arrives, and I didn't pay for it.)

Um, can you share the recipe for that meat cake? Please?
Amy A. said…
My stomach rolled when I saw the meat cake. I'll take the hot chocolate instead.

I love the random!
Mary said…
Is it wrong to look at those photos of Meryl Streep and how young she looks and feel old myself?
alice c said…
MissM says "Meat cake?? Why?? You have to ask yourself - why would any sane person do it to themselves??"
noha said…
Hi There Blackbird. Followed you over from journeymama's blog.
I LOVE the Alan Arkin song: thanks for sharing...
barbra said…
Hot chocolate, yum! But not too strong, please (I HATE Starbucks' HC)!

Meat cake, um? You've mentioned bacon, now your stats will go up! (Or so I hear...)

The file folders are very nice. I've seen some busy colorful ones, so I like those grayscale ones. Would have to make them myself, though, can't see spending $$ on file folders...

Thanks for sharing that cute song!
Anonymous said…
dad has a friend who collects micro cars..he has like 30 or 40 of them and every year has an event at his house where collectors and the public can come and see them. they are so adorable.

Sorry all..i think the meat cake is hilarious...LOVE IT!
smalltownme said…
The last link almost makes me want to get organized.

My son is drooling over the meat cake.
Anonymous said…
You read like you just had some caffeine. Good times.

Anonymous said…
I had a fahm in Afreeka, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.
Anonymous said…
Great, now I want hot chocolate AND A MICROCAR!
NorahS said…
I love that movie.
Anonymous said…
Eurolush totally took my line. I'm now going to have a slight stammer for the rest of the day.
Anonymous said…
Now I want hot chocolate--the good kind.
I've always been proud of Wisconsin's exports--The Onion, cheese, beer, toilet paper, kleenex, kotex and cranberries.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Green Girl - I'm NEVER going to see another Kotex ad with out thinking "...imported from the dairy state!"
Oh, and as they say in the ads, Have a happy period! (you know I'm writing that on all my christmas cards this year.)LMAO
Anonymous said…
Please do not provide links to the container store. I should NEVER look at that website. I just can't stand to see all those useful things that I didn't realise I needed!!!
Anonymous said…
I love the Alan Arkin song! You have to hear it though, it was done with full orchestra and some of the time he does it with a "Woody Alan" accent...before Soon Yi, that is.

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